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Thread: Super7 SilverHawks Figures - CONFIRMED

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    Quote Originally Posted by felgekarp View Post
    So that Czarface fugure then, is that the kind of thing people would expect in this line?
    Yeah... this is what I believe we will see with Quicksilver - IF they decide to change the initial "animation cel" grayish tone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by unclassified View Post
    Well, we got papa emeritus, king diamond, so yeah. As long as they make it in reaction I guess you can expect it.

    As for czarface. This was a group 7L and esoteric made with inspectah deck from wu-tang. Eso made a comic and a action figure like an old star wars years back. Not sure who the maker was or how many were made. I never got into it. Never actually checked out any of the releases to be honest. Not really a fammn of eso. But always loved 7L's beats.

    However, I did order this only because it's in the ultimates and looks rad enough to add to my motuc and Thundercats and the rest of the ultimates that I get.

    I'm hoping for a lemme.
    I hope they don't do eddies.thats a line in itself lol.
    And I hope for a Rob Halford.

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    I meant more with how the silver looks on that czarface figure compared to what's been shown on these figures.

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    This is one of those weird cases where s7 needs better communication.

    Hotwing is showing metallic, wave 2 had 2 sets of promo photos… flat and metallic, wave 1 was flat.

    I canceled my pre orders cause 1) I have no faith in s7 anymore. 2) will they switch paints half way?

    Imagine getting cel shaded figures and then wave 3 hits and it’s metallic. That’s something I’d lose my mind over on the shelf. I’m good either either direction they take but they need to actually take a direction. It’s nightmarish how they handle the 3 styles of Thundercats and Silverhawks wouldn’t last as long. The 3 styles are cartoon accurate, s7 revisionism and WB 2000 “fan art” style guide.
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