Hi Orgers! I have a set of Ben Cooper He-man and She-ra costumes up for sale! These are in their original boxes, though the boxes certainly do have a lot of wear. The He-man costume is still sealed in its original baggie. The She-ra costume is loose but doesnít appear to have any damage. I would love to keep these together as a set if possible. I would need you to cover shipping (Iím in Washington DC). I can probably not ship internationally at this time, unless you wanted me to list it as a Buy It Now on eBay for you and we could use their global shipping program. Please send me reasonable offers if you are interested! These are a lot of fun and bring back a lot of memories!6055EC5B-8859-4037-AF57-5C30C13202BF.jpg2D5784EF-1B06-43F4-8387-08A48F92BAD9.jpg66D7C07D-991A-423B-9476-E86A68BFB6A5.jpgE9D4B56F-4798-45D3-A371-7D23B010B566.jpg