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Thread: Power Rangers GSP: Lupinranger vs Patraranger Adaptation (Scriptfic Challenge)

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    Power Rangers GSP: Lupinranger vs Patraranger Adaptation (Scriptfic Challenge)

    I'm currently in the middle of an exciting self-prompt first real concrete stab at 'script fic' writing. My intention is to try the somewhat herculean task of putting together 40 or so scripts based on the Super Sentai Series Lupinranger vs Patraranger, with the emphasis of the series being on the characters of Patraranger.

    So far, I've seen episodes one and two and what I think I'd like to do is make episode one almost 90% original, with the remaining 10% being Sentai footage, and from there, build the episodes around the footage, with occasional original work in between.

    I have virtually no idea if I will finish this project at any point, as I am a very busy writer and editor and new projects take my fancy all the time, so I'm not giving myself a deadline. With luck and dedication, I'll have 20 episodes ready sometime late in the year or early next year, but this will be where I will update one and all on my project.

    Episode Currently In Development:

    1. Where In The World Is The Lupin Santiago?

    Synopsis: When a well-meaning cook named Harlan is enlisted into the Global Special Police following a heroic act, he can't believe his luck. It's great to be human he thinks...but when he is paired up with, and shown the ropes by, a reckless fun-loving partner who'd rather spend time in the Cash Vegas arcades than await the call to action, Harlan begins to wonder just what's so great about this privilege if responsibilities are optional. Sure enough, it's not long before the Red GSP Power Ranger finds himself in hot water with the back-stabbing Majestic Myers, who also has to deal with some uninvited guests. Who will seize the lupin Santiago? And what secrets does it possess?

    Once I have put together the spec script for episode one (currently 56% finished), I will post a character breakdown.
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