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Thread: Marvel Studios Phase 4 Movie Lineup Trailer

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    I saw Eternals over the weekend...

    I actually enjoyed it for the most part, although there are definitely some questionable choices that were made.

    Why did the Deviants even have a story arc past the midway point of the movie? Nothing materialized with this.

    Also, where the hell were the rest of earth's superheroes when this giant humanoid is reaching up out of the surface?!? This didn't set off some superhero alarms??
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    I saw The Eternals this weekend in IMAX (which I feel is the best format to watch this film) and I thought it is an slightly above average film. It had the common problem of most introductory/origin films: lots of character building/back story. They are a lot of new characters in this film (The 10 Eternals, the Deviants, the Celestials, Dane Whitman) and the sheer number of them meant that there was A LOT of exposition. In fact, there were so many characters that only a few got sufficient attention while other only had sporadic screen time. The villains were very generic and as I feared, their overly CG appearance made it difficult for me to accept them completely. Their leader, Kro, was severely underdeveloped. Because of the tons of exposition necessary for this film, it is a very long film (over 2 hours and 30 minutes) which could be a problem for some people. I did not mind as I enjoyed the story and its cosmic elements but I could see how the lengthy runtime may deter others. The lack of action could also help emphasize the film runtime as most of the film is character building. As per usual, there are 2 extra scenes: 1 mid credit and 1 end credit (with the end credit in particular having an extra surprise).

    Overall, I give The Eternals a 7 out of 10. It was slow and had a lot of information with little action. It was a slow burn and not a slam-bang rollercoaster ride. I immensely enjoyed the character designs (except the Deviants) and the film visuals looked great (especially the last encounter). But I enjoyed it in the end and the premises it introduces (The Celestials in particular). It's not a film that I think people would want to watch over and over again but I am glad I did watch and had a good time doing so.
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