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Thread: Battle Ram missile launcher barrel - need insights

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    Battle Ram missile launcher barrel - need insights

    ***Disclaimer to moderators: If this is the wrong subforum, please feel free to move this thread***

    Hello there,

    I've gotten hold of a vintage Battle Ram in great condition, the only thing not working is the missile launcher.

    Now, the good news is, that it seems to be only due to the spring missing, the "hold and release" mechanism works fine. I've built a workaround soluition by fixing a spring inside one of the missiles, but I'd rather be using the mechanism as it was intended.

    Would somebody be able to share a picture of the barrel inside of their working Battle Ram, just like the picture I attached? I need to get an idea of how it's supposed to look before taking further steps.

    Also, if somebody has alreay done this repair, would they be able and willing to share some of their insights?

    Thank you all in advance.
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    That's odd. I used to have one Battle Ram with a functioning missile launcher barrel but I guess that would be a complicated task to repair it.
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