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Thread: The Laughing Swan Inn...sounds like a happy place.

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    The Laughing Swan Inn...sounds like a happy place.

    Hello all. I've been a fan of Filmation for years now, and after a particularly hard point in life began watching He-Man and She-Ra after expressing no interest for a long time. Now, I'm obsessed, and it's given me much joy these past months. It was the first action cartoon I ever fell in love with, after so much preference to comedies and other kinds of cartoons.

    My girlfriend and I hoard (for lack of a better term) Filmation content, and attached is a sample of what I've collected. I generally collect film and Filmation on film is a treat for me. I recently got a 35mm print of The Secret of the Sword. I've amassed a lot of knowledge that would otherwise be uninteresting to general fans, stuff like which film elements were used and trivial differences between releases. I also draw sometimes...but not much.

    I can't promise I'll be active on these forums, just cause I don't see myself as very socially capable, but I guess it's worth a shot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by EtherianAmber View Post
    I can't promise I'll be active on these forums, just cause I don't see myself as very socially capable, but I guess it's worth a shot.
    I'm sure you're much more capable than you give yourself credit for. And your film print is very impressive.

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    the dot org isn't about being social.

    It's about coming to place where we all have the same interest and talking about it.

    The dot org is a new home for you. And we are your new brothers and sisters.

    In my opinion.

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    On behalf of's admin, staff, and moderators, allow me to extend an official Hello and welcome to, EtherianAmber!!

    We're glad to have you join our site and we hope you have a fun time discussing Masters of the Universe and Princess of Power here.

    Please be sure to read over the rules for posting and interacting on And if you have any questions, you are welcome to send me a PM for more information.

    If you want to buy and trade you will need to upgrade your account to have access to the Marketplace. Please click here and read the section entitled "What are the limitations for users with Gmail/AOL/Yahoo accounts?" for more information. For details on how the upgrading system works click here.

    Hello!! Welcome to the community!! It's so great that the FILMation MOTU/POP was able to help you through a tough time and has brought you some joy!! I'm sure you'll fit right in here, so just have fun and talk about what you enjoy!! We have the best He-Fans and She-Ravers around and as always, we have great ongoing MOTU and POP discussions, so feel free to join in the conversation!!

    Enjoy your time here and welcome!!
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    Welcome aboard! What a cool thing to collect!

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    Welcome! What a great piece of memorabilia to have! ...

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