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Thread: Superman TAS: Risk and Revleation (a Fan-Edit of 'Brainiac Attacks')

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    Superman TAS: Risk and Revleation (a Fan-Edit of 'Brainiac Attacks')

    This divisive little piece of now-obscure Superman media was released around the peak of marketing for Superman Returns. It’s been widely criticised by fans of Superman: The Animated Series for, amongst other things, inconsistent continuity and characterisations (particularly with Lex Luthor) as well as bait-and-switch storytelling revolving around Clark wanting to share his secret with Lois Lane.

    Many fans were disappointed that this film felt more like an Elseworlds tale and not an authentic ‘bridge’ between Superman: TAS and Justice League.

    I’ve gone back and forth on whether or not I should do this for a while, but recently I watched a pretty good 50 or so minute version of it from an editor called Fanedit796, who hosts it on the Internet Archive. This version realized the potential of the story by rearranging scenes and deleting most sequences with Lex Luthor to avoid even touching on his characterizations, as well as removing the bait-and-switch so Lois knows.

    So impressed was I that I decided the time had come to tackle this head on, but I wanted to set it apart from what this editor had managed, and have decided to try to cut it down to a TV episode length.
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