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Thread: Some Mega Construx Customs

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    Some Mega Construx Customs

    Adding some more characters to my MC MOTU-verse, I've created the Guild of Mute Assassins, a group of assassins hired by Skeletor to stop He-Man and the Masters.
    Organ Grinder (so called because, as the leader of the group, he makes all the monkeys dance) I'm planning to change his head because I was trying to use up the Skeletor heads I have from other customs. I wanted it to look like he's wearing a bag over his head but it didn't get quite the look I wanted:

    Pinchor (based on a combination of unproduced character designs from the original MOTU run):

    Kal-Amari, the assassin from the depths:

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    Kal-Amari? His name is clearly a play on the word calamari or squid due to the tentacles surrounding his mouth.
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