This has been a passion project of mine for well over eight years, and this is it's latest manifestation, and probably the one I'm most satisfied with

Initially spinning out of a desire to see it realized as a comic book, then a series of audio plays, the 'eleventh season' of the 1987 TMNT cartoon (which ran for ten seasons), has seen many highs and lows as I charted it's course. Following completion of the first five stories, I began to get a little 'over indulgent', I would start crossing the franchise over with niche and obsolete properties, and the production of book nine in the series saw many different stories being told, with no clear space to stick a satisfactory landing.

Ultimately, while I completed work on all ten 'episodes', I then took a survey of the landscape...spelling, grammar, occasional structure problems etc, it was by no means a turd, but it was in need of a polish

And it was through that polish that I finally realized what needed to be done...I didn't need that many episodes. All I needed was just six of the ten. Everything else had just been padded out filler where the thrust of the season's themes and character development had grinded to a halt to big up Donatello's struggles with a right Gary Stu of an original character. Every fanfic writer's atrocity.

So now, I present these six episodes, my TMNT project. Probably not the last you'll hear from it either, but certainly the version I feel deserves to be shared beyond the Technodrome forum community.

Four Turtles. Six adventures. One shell-shocking rollercoaster!

1. So Long, No Thanks For All The Fish
2. My Seer, My Secretary
3. Raphael Counts 'Em All
4. The Lotus & The Sun
5. Mutants and Miracles
6. How It All Began