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Thread: Longtime listener, first time caller

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    Longtime listener, first time caller

    Don’t remember how I was introduced to the Masters of the Universe but I do remember my mom driving me around all weekend to many stores to complete that first wave in late 82 or early 83 (unsure of dates but I know I was in 3rd grade)
    Highlight was when I opened Battle Ram and shot the missle thing right into the side of my moms head while we were driving home, it was lodged between her face and glasses

    I did chores regularly so I could earn a trip to Toys R Us to look for new stuff

    Kept all my toys pretty much immaculate, would basically just place them and imagine the battle (however I did successfully rip the head off my friends Prince Adam on a dare)

    When I was done playing with them I boxed them up and put them in the attic because I loved them way more than my Star Wars toys or Hot Wheels…. But I had moved on, but never forgot them

    Until that fateful day when I was 18 (or 19) when I learned my mom either trashed them all or donated them
    Still hurts…..

    Via garage sales in the 90’s I was able to reacquire enough pieces to be able to enjoy them…. Though very few were as nicely handled as mine
    Bought some from my comic book store to fill in holes
    Was too poor to collect packaged figures

    When the 200X line came out I had two kids and not a ton of extra $$ but my son loved the line so we got a decent amount of those (which I still have)

    The Classics line didn’t do it for me because I was fully invested in my cars and house

    Origins does it for me…. I told myself I wouldn’t go crazy but the feeling of walking into a toy aisle (I sure miss Toys R Us) and seeing the MOTU section even if it’s just HeMan and Skeletor just takes me back to hunting with my mom….. though I couldn’t get her to drive me around like she did 40 years ago

    Attaching pics of what I have here in my study…. The amount of random MOTU stuff I’ve acquired over the years is kinda dumb but the pieces all bring me joy
    Shoes is another weak point (skate shoes specifically) and these dunks are one of my top 5 favorite pairs (Skeletor) I don’t have the yellow laces in because I think they look better as a shoe this way

    Hopefully the pics aren’t all sideways like I feel they will be

    Have decided I need a display area so coming soon there will be shelves above my desk for proper displaying/posing of my fave pieces

    - - - Updated - - -

    Also forgot to mention my sister was big into She-Ra but for some reason I don't ever recall her having any figures
    Only Barbies

    So needless to say I watched She-Ra as well
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    On behalf of's admin, staff, and moderators, allow me to extend an official Hello and welcome to, volknuts!!

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    Welcome! That's a mighty fine collection you've got. I love those shoes!

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    I hope to get a full family shot in the next few weeks…. Just have to get up into the attic and find the right boxes

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    I love the Evil Lyn yellow bust you have there.

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