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Thread: I made a Custom Mego Toei Spidey.

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    I made a Custom Mego Toei Spidey.

    Really proud that I am still customizing, kinda fell away from it, but I feel I'm making some of the best toys of my life.

    This custom was inspired by a friend who is really into producing Tokusatsu Megos. I still need to paint his hands (and to complete the fifteen extra ones I made).

    But here's Takuya Yamashiro. The Emissary of Hell, Japan's own Supaidaman. スパイダマノ

    People pointed out that the suit isn't 100% accurate to the show. That is by choice. I based it upon several Manga images of the TV character. I will be doing a TV version at a later date.
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    Why do I feel like this Japanese Spider-Man figure doesn't wear gloves?
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