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Thread: Really confused about how to continue the story...

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    Really confused about how to continue the story...

    Hey folks!

    So I'm pretty confused about how/where to follow the official MOTU story that's out there. Here's what I mean:

    I recently got the mini-comic collection book (from Dark Horse) and read through those, that was a hoot. But at the end of it, they have a couple of "Ultimate Battleground" comics, but not ALL of them. Is there a good way to read the rest of these, and if not, exactly which figures do they come with?

    Beyond that, I just got a sealed Classics "Unnamed One" today and was VERY surprised to find that it came with a mini-comic called "the Fall of Eternia" -- I've bought a dozen Classics recently and none of them had mini-comics. So is this special pack-in comic related to the Ultimate Battleground, or is it before or after?

    It was full of characters that never got a figure so that was pretty cool, but as someone coming back to MOTU after a long absence I'm just really confused.

    Do I need to buy the figs that have the other comics? Does this continue into the DC comics? What is going on??

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    MOTU is just starting to settle into the idea of a multiverse. So there's going to be a bit of confusion as to where the story came from and is going. I have the same mini comic collection book and loved it until I got to the Classics comics. They don't have all of them and the ones they do have are in the middle of the story, and they read like so-so fan-fic.

    As for how to get any of the classics comics, I'm not sure, this site use to have a section where you could look at many of the old, and some of the new comics, but it's gone now. Other than eBay I would say maybe check any local comic shops you might have. I found this one. Maybe if you have the names of the specific book you wanted you'd have better luck.
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    Well first and foremost those comics are not all the same continuity. You've got the Pre-Filmatiuon comics, the post Filmation comics, 200X and others.

    The final mini-comic to come with the vintage line was supposed to be part one of a series that would lead into the Powers of Grayskull spin-off line but when that line never got launched the rest of the story was not told. The Classics line did an alternate version starting with a retelling of the vintage part one but with MANY differences then did parts 2 and 3 but this was obviously NOT the direction it was originally going to go as the vintage Powers of Grayskull line was set to have He-Ro as the main character bu the Classics version reduces him to a bit player who gets killed quickly and stupidly so they can instead focus on King Grayskull (who wasn't created until the 200X series) ... Yeah I don't like the Classics continuity.
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    As others have already said, the MOTUC mini-comics weren't great. If you still want to read them, someone posted a link to this amazing resource a while ago, I have no idea who it was though!

    You need to download chapter 13 to get the minicomics.

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