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Thread: So...what do your kids think of MOTU?

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    ...I am the child lol.
    My household is interesting because you can see the generational shift with MOTU. My parents had Filmation, I had basically little to no exposure to MOTU until my teens, and younger my siblings love MOTU as it's currently relevant.
    I had no MOTU during those precious playing-with-toys-years as 200x started when I was about 3 months old and my dad, who's always been super into the action figure scene, didn't even know it was a thing until recently. I knew MOTU was a thing my parents were nostalgic for, I enjoyed the Filmation series from time to time in my early teens for the camp, but otherwise, I had no attachment. My childhood is very representative of that what, 14 years of no MOTU content on TV? I'm a general fan of animation, love watching some 80s stuff but I got really got into it through the Netflix era, what can I say, if I get into a reboot of something I can and will go back and watch the old stuff. Fundamentally, I'm not the target for any of it, for I am not a child nor old enough to be nostalgic for the 80s, as even when SATPOP was released I was about 16, so let's call me the outlier. My siblings though? Who are in the target demographic for CGI and SATPOP? They ate that stuff up. The middle child adored SATPOP and Revelation and while she didn't love CGI, she was hyped for it, and the youngest gets really excited to watch all these shows, even roping our dad into seeing Revelation part 2 with us, which then got my dad in awe and reminiscing over how he misses his childhood collection. (Also dad sat down randomly and watched CGI's season 1 finale with us to put off doing something and that was fun) Also the youngest child is really fascinated by my Origins collection, Roboto's his favorite and sometimes when he doesn't wanna do his homework I'll let him pull down one of my figures (usually Roboto) as a study buddy. : )
    For whatever the Netflix era is worth, love it or hate it, seems to be working. These kids, especially the middle one, hated MOTU until the Netflix era came along and made He-man (and She-ra) more than a meme. Might not be making the biggest of splashes but I do think it is fixing the brand's image with the younger generation, myself included admittedly.
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