Expect *SPOILERS* in this thread after this episode debuts on Netflix.

This thread will be unlocked closer to the air date.

Additional He-Man.Org Rules and Guidelines for This Thread - Please Read!

There has been a lot of discussion on where specific topics to be discussed land within this thread. This forum is intended to be all-ages and more light-hearted in spirit and is not to be dragged down into the typical debates about sex, politics, race and religion we see online often leading to anger and hurt feelings. Those topics can still be discussed, however they will be discussed in the Tar Swamp where there is a more open, adult platform for those topics.
To help keep the forums fun and friendly, the admins and moderators have conversed and decided guidelines on what can and can’t be discussed in this thread and what will be referred to the Tar Swamp.

What can be discussed:
• The specific reasons why we enjoy the show
• Constructive reasons why we dislike the show
• Reasons why we like/enjoy specific characters
• Constructive reasons why we dislike characters
• Relationships between characters (all inclusive and diversity - heterosexual, homosexual, pan, etc.) that are clearly defined in the cartoon

Topics for the Tar Swamp:
• Debates about sex, politics and religion
• Debates about race (discussion on race swapping of characters is allowed, but must not be political in nature)
• Debates about morality and any sexually related topic, or any politics associated with sexuality
• Speculation about a character’s sexuality