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Thread: Advice needed: MOTUC Sagitar plan

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    Advice needed: MOTUC Sagitar plan

    Hello master customizers, I'm looking for some advice/validation of a plan I've been thinking of for a custom MOTUC Sagitar. I had been waiting for that figure for years, and when it was finally part of the lineup, the line was cancelled. Well, I'll always want a Sagitar figure and that has zero probabilities to happen now as an official release. so I've been seriously thinking about the custom route. I have minimal experience but I was able to assemble a Red Shadow custom, and my brother is not so bad with paint apps, so I might give it a try, but this is a hard one.

    1) Fully posable figure as both, centaur-like creature or 4-arms giant
    2) 100% (or close to it) MOTUC parts (no head, arms, legs, torsos from another lines) to maximize compatibility with my MOTUC collection and look like a real figure belonging to the line
    3) Tight budget but wanting good-looking results
    4) Minimize custom sculpting to avoid unprofessional look

    The plan so far:
    1) I think the lower torso, arms and legs/feet could be totally reused from a Tuskador figure, which is really cheap for a MOTUC figure.
    2) Upper torso, arms and hands could be used from a Darius figure.
    3) The head would be a combination of Hydron's head, carved to get just the helmet, and the face could be taken from the alternate Bow head. Hydron's head can be bought from Plastic Curves.
    4) Shield would be taken from Darius too.
    5) Sword from Plastic Curves, there's one tech sword that could be used.

    (I can't think of cheaper base parts to build this custom)

    6) I would need to repaint all of those parts after assembling the structure, so good painting techniques will be required, probably the use of aerographer.
    7) I would need to remove Tuskador's armor and increase length of arms by inserting broader bracelets. Also I would probably need to sculpt jacket for the Darius' torso and bare chest for Tuskador's torso.
    8) Also I would need some kind of custom piece for the connection of Darius's torso on top of Tuskador's buck.

    Well, do you think it might work? My main problem is that I won't know if this will work until I have actual parts to play with, since I don't have spare parts to try and I have never disassemble a Tuskador buck. I don't know if I can make the buck to reproduce that kind of gorilla pose that the vintage figure had when posed on feet and knuckles.

    Your advice, comments, considerations are most welcome.

    Thank you!
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