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Thread: FS/T: Origins Faker and LoP Merman, Zodak Scubattack, 2 RoE packs

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    FS/T: Origins Faker and LoP Merman, Zodac Scubattack, 2 RoE packs

    My full Wave 5 just shipped and I really don't need extras so I will let the Origins guys go to whomever needs/wants them. I have 2 extra RoE packs that I don't need and an extra Zodac Scubattack MCX Skeletor head

    MOC Faker and LoP Merman (no bubble sticker) - $20/Each (my cost from BBTS + shipping to me)
    MOC RoE Packs - $35/Each
    MOC Zodac Scubattack - $13

    Please add for shipping and paypal fees. I will charge you exact shipping based on your zipcode. Will also entertain trades for one piece or the whole lot. Just PM me and we can discuss it.
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