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Thread: Let's create the MOTU EU

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    Let's create the MOTU EU

    Hopefully this is the right forum for this; it's not about the actual media (current or past) but about where you'd take it if you were in charge.

    Please, no debating about Revelation, good or bad; there's enough of that everywhere else. Let's just assume Mattel and Netflix are happy enough with working together they decide they need to turn MOTU into a full-fledged media universe, like Disney has done with Marvel and Warner Brothers with DC. They decide to give us new shows, they can be live-action or animated, your choice. So if Mattel picked you and said, "You are exactly who we need to steer our universe, give us your best show ideas, go!" what shows would you pitch?

    I'll start:

    'Wandering hero' shows are evergreen, whether it be Westerns such as 'Have Gun Will Travel' or 'Wanted', or more sci-fi fare like 'Quantum Leap' or 'Doctor Who'. Fisto gets his own show in this vein. After the events of Revelation episode 1, Fisto finds himself banished from the palace for trying to stand up for Man-at-Arms. He wanders from town to town, with his faithful Stridor, trying to find a place to settle down and live the rest of his life in peace. But in each town, he instead finds people in need, beleaguered by various villains who are moving in to fill the void left by Skeletor and emboldened by the absence of He-Man. He cleans up each town then moves on to the next, hoping it will be more peaceful. Could be live-action with a decent budget. Allows for showing what became of some of Skeletor's former heavy hitters who were ambitious but afraid of him so stayed in the shadows such as Jitsu and Kobra Kahn. Also allows for introduction of new characters or characters from other media, such as Blade.

    A sort of police procedural/mystery finds us following Clamp Champ as he's been forced to the forefront and is now in charge of the small force of guards in charge of protecting the citizens of Eternos from crime. Each episode would have a crime happen, such as a series of seemingly impossible thefts leading Clamp Champ to suspect Webstor is in town and then having to outwit him. Another live-action show that allows for use of characters such as Webstor, Evil Seed, or even Count Marzo.

    The adventures of Teela and Andra - this would find us following them on their exploits recovering artifacts for clients and other adventurer-for-hire action. Could cover how the two of them met and learned to work together. Animated show that shows Teela's descent from captain of the guard/man-at-arms to mercenary.

    The misadventures of Ram Man and Mekaneck - A comedy following these two as they try to fit in in an Eternia that no longer needs them. An animated show that is more all-ages in nature. It would allow for the use of some of the goofier characters and accessories from the various toy, television, and comic lines.

    Let's hear your ideas!

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    I had an idea a while ago, which I may have mentioned before... this is an expansion and further development of that idea because I REALLY liked the odd friendship that developed between them in Revelation:

    The Interdimensional Adventures of Evil-Lyn and Orko!

    Another cosmic storm hits Eternia. Evil-Lyn, always looking to increase her power, tries using the storm to increase her magic. At the same time, Orko, fed up with being the laughingstock of Eternia, and knowing cosmic storms well since it was one that brought him to this planet to begin with, has a similar idea.

    Of course something goes wrong, and instead of getting a magic boost, they're both whisked away from Eternia and sent hurdling between a number of weird and different dimensions. Stranded in a different and unfamiliar dimension, they have to team up and work together in order to get back to Eternia. Orko knows how to travel between dimensions but without his magic pyramid he can't control where they end up... and so we have like a Sliders situation where they travel from dimension to dimension... some familiar, some not.

    Orko just wants to get back home, Evil-Lyn is also searching for the Ultimate Power... but finds herself playing the heroic role more and more often. Towards the first season finale she has to choose between following her goal for power or help Orko rescue a group on innocents...
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    Nice one! That could be fun.

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    One question, since you mentioned Netflix and Revelation (and I'm assuming EU means “Extended Universe”, rather than “European Union” ):

    Are the ideas youʼre asking for supposed to expand on the basis of the new Revelation canon, or could they expand on other existing canons (like, for example, the New She-Ra canon currently coexisting on Netflix, or the upcoming New He-Man CGI reboot also futurely on Netflix), or even be their own expansive reboot version?
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    Quote Originally Posted by justwannalook View Post

    'Wandering hero' shows are evergreen, whether it be Westerns such as 'Have Gun Will Travel' or 'Wanted', or more sci-fi fare like 'Quantum Leap' or 'Doctor Who'. Fisto gets his own show in this vein. After the events of Revelation episode 1, Fisto finds himself banished from the palace for trying to stand up for Man-at-Arms.
    considering his giant fist i wouldn't be surprised if he got banished not just for that but for punching Randor in the face.
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