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Thread: Vaccinations for all

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    Interesting article.


    It's amusing to me that the same people who laud Fauci when he says something they agree with, excoriate him when he says something they disagree with. Agree or disagree, it's tough to criticize what he says here, especially when it's supported by the CDC, which is not Johns Hopkins, btw.

    Thank you for your compassion, passion and understanding.

    As I told another orger, I hope you don't leave the thread. We need all opinions to be voiced, defended and supported with data. And we've been doing that in a civil manner that even our mods have noted and praised us for.

    Let's keep the exchange of ideas going.

    Frankly, the only borderline objectionable post came from me to Skeletron when I sarcastically asked what planet he was from, fueled by my concern about childrern. (Not an excuse; just an explanation.) That was over the top and I apologize for it. To his credit, he remained civil. [/QUOTE]

    No apology necessary. I understand how frightening all of this is, and for the record, I am frightened as well. I have lost both my parents in the last 7 years and my only real remaining family that I am close with (aside from my wonderful Wife) is my Sister. She works for the Federal Government and took the vaccine at work when it first became available. I would be devastated if anything happened to her. Rest assured that if I did not firmly believe my concerns about the vaccine, I would not be commenting.

    I'll close out my involvement in this thread with this article. Highly recommended.[/QUOTE]
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    If we will need a yearly booster shot, why not make it part of the flu shot we already get every year anyway?
    I mean, most people who were not going to get the COVID vaccine to begin with probably are not going to get the flu shot either. As long as there are no issues with combining it, why not combine it? Less jabs for jab-averse people.

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