Its been a few years... *looks at the calendar* decade.... since I was last here. Came back mostly to find some of my old writings. But Wanted to get caught up with the community.

Many of you ive seen have just joined the community because of Revelations or other new stuff that has been coming out as of late. I am happy to see everyone here. I am glad that the community is expanding, And I think it will expand more once the new Table Top RPG finally drops for the franchise.

This place used to be mostly focused on the orignal toys and cartoon but has expanded with new visual media expanding the genre. It is fans like everyone that keeps the franchise alive and interesting. Much like comic books there is tons to talk and debate about the franchise itself. There is infinite possibilities and I hope I get a chance to engage with you all individually to nurture that love for the genre.

I hope that this place can be a fun place where we can be like family and squabble over dumb things but still be friendly to each other. It is He-man and She-ra that unite us all and through that connection can we come to understand one another and our differences.

Eternia and Etheria has something for everyone. In case you are here for a short time i leave you with this old eternian saying.

"Good Journey, It means to live the journey, for when one ends it is but a door way to another." Much like the universe, the journey never ends.

-Good Journey