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    Masters of the Universe: Legends

    After the release of Masters of the Universe: Revelation on Netflix, I am doing my own spin on MOTU, taking inspiration from the Donald F. Glut mini-comics, Filmation, 200x and more.

    The story tells when Skeletor first arrives on Eternia, causing destruction and tragedy, and Prince Adam losing his parents in the invasion. With the help of his allies - Man-at-Arms, Teela, and Cringer - they seek out the ancient fortress Castle Grayskull and meet the mysterious Sorceress. Adam learns about his imminent destiny and becomes He-Man, the most powerful man in the universe, and the new chosen champion. And so, starts He-Man's adventures and his first battle agaisnt Skeletor and the forces of evil.

    Instead of the Royal Palace, Castle Grayskull will be the central location as it was in the first wave of mini-comics. Adam/He-Man, Man-at-Arms, Teela and Cringer/Battle Cat, will be there from the beginning as the initial stories started with them.

    In my retelling, Teela will know about He-Man's secret identity as Adam from the beginning, rather than Orko. There will also be a budding love story between Adam and Teela, as she is also attracted to Adam's love for life and charm as well as He-Man's courage and heroism. This was inspired by the relationship between Lois Lane and Clark Kent in the TV series Superman and Lois, as Lois fell for Clark's nerdiness rather than Superman's confidence.

    More heroes and villains are introduced as my story progresses.

    Please bare with me as I am not that creative and not the best at storytelling. I am trying to make this story fun and action-packed as much as possible. I hope you find enjoyment by reading it.
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    What an interesting story you have there, He-Roye.
    Prince Adam lost both his parents to Skeletor disguised as Keldor before becoming He-Man.
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    Masters of the Universe Legends Chapter 1 - Champions of Grayskull summary

    Here is a summary of chapter one for my fan fiction:

    Summary for CHAPTER ONE: Champions of Grayskull

    At the Royal Palace of Eternos City, King Randor and the Royal Family hold a great celebration of 20 years of peace on Eternia. The young lady warrior Teela is about to be knighted Captain of the Guard. Teela's father Duncan, the royal Man-at-Arms and the Heroic Master of Weapons, is proud of his daughter.

    The king worries that his jovial 18-year-old son Prince Adam will never be a fine warrior such as Teela, but his kind-hearted wife Queen Marlena believes that their son will one day be a great man.

    Prince Adam celebrates Teela's achievement. For the past few months, Teela has developed romantic feelings for the prince, charmed by his love for life and vigorous adventurous spirit.

    Suddenly, the palace grounds are smothered by a thick green mist. Adam and Teela, along with Man-at-Arms, rush to the throne room and defend the king and queen. Man-at-Arms and Randor recognize this sorcery. Teela commits to her duty and leads the Royal Guards to get the people to safety.

    A terrible demon emerges from the green mist, who wears a purple hood over his decomposing skull face, and a swirling black cape. Randor recognizes the armor the demon is wearing - the same armor his half-brother Keldor was wearing before his "death."

    The younger brother of Randor was an amibtious alchemist who craved the great magic of the planet. Because of his vile ambitions, he became cruel and power-mad. Gathering an army of outcasts, they attacked the citadel of the Elders. Randor and his group of soldiers were able to stop them, although during the battle, Keldor was mortally wounded by his own magic, and was thought dead. The king and queen was horrified by the monster he had he now calls himself Skeletor, the Lord of Destruction, who states that the man they knew as Keldor is dead. Adam could not believe that the uncle he never met was this monstrosity.

    Man-at-Arms and Prince Adam fight valiantly against Skeletor's henchmen - the beautiful sorceress Evil-Lyn and the animalistic Beast Man. Duncan is able to outsmart Beast Man's savage attacks. Prince Adam holds his own against Evil-Lyn, but he is no match for her magic. Luckily, Tee;a arrives just in time to aid the Prince, and with her combat training, she takes out Evil-Lyn. Teela is also horrified by what Keldor has become, the man who was once Prince Adam's uncle.

    Meanwhile, King Randor and Skeletor have engaged in a vicious sword fight. Unfortunately, the king is sidetracked as he worries for the safety for his family. However, he manages to disarm the Lord of Destruction.

    Skeletor raises his hand and the form of his ram-skulled Havoc Staff takes shape. It glows with purple mysical energies. He uses the magic of the staff to blast King Randor in the chest, fatally wounding him/

    Prince Adam rushes to his father's side, while Evil-Lyn teleports to where Queen Marlena is standing, and uses her magic to open a portal, as a large monstrous hand grabs her and pulls her in. Evil-Lyn laughs wickedly.

    Adam tries to revive his father, as it is too late for him. The king tells his son that he loves him with his dying breath. The prince is heartbroken, having lost both his parents in a single night. He is enraged at Skeletor.

    The Lord of Destruction laughs, as his score has been settled - to kill King Randor. Ad he and his minions leave, he threatens to kill Prince Adam the next time they meet.

    Man-at-Arms and Teela come to Prince Adam's side, when suddenly the palace is overthrown by weird skeletal creatures known as Skelcons, which happen to be Skeletor's footsoldiers. Man-at-Arms and Teela get the prince to safety, and Adam collects his timid green and orange-striped talking tiger companion Cringer. With Man-at-Arms' help, they find a flying Wind Raider, one of the finest battle transports in the kingdom.

    They take to the skies. Prince Adam bravely commands that they help their people, as the four of them watch helplessly as thousands of Skelcon soldiers tear Palace Eternos to the ground. They also see Skeletor and his minions standing over a precipice, giving out commands.

    Man-at-Arms is hesitant to the Adam's commands, as he seems more worried about the lives of his daughter and the prince. Knowing that the odds are against them, an orange and blue falcon flies up to them, who tells them that their survival depends on Eternia's future and they must follow her to Castle Grayskull - an ancient fortress that has been abandoned for centuries, which baffles our heroes.

    The falcon's name is Zoar who is able to communicate with them telepathically. She has been a friend to them all their lives.

    The Wind Raider follows her over the Evergreen Forest, a great wood that extended to the far sides of the planet. Traveling for many miles, the magnificent edifice of Castle Grayskull comes into view.

    When they reach the castle's jaw bridge, Zoar descended from the air and transforms into the shape of a beautiful woman with a falcon headress anad large wings protruding from her back. She reveals herself as the Sorceress, Guardian of Grayskull.

    She leads them into the castle and enters her throne room. She tells them about the legendary champions of Grayskull who defended Eternia against the forces of evil. Adam and Teela had been told about these champions when they were children, but they thought of them as nothign more as forgotten folklore.

    The first champion was called King Grayskull, known as the First One, who saved Eternia against the diabolical warlord Hordak and his armies; the second champion was He-Ro, younger brother of Grayskull, who fought against King Hssss and the venomous Snake Men; the third champion was Vikor, a barbarian from the North who went to the Eternian underworld to slay the demon Scareglow; the fourth was Wun-Dar, who fought in the savage ways against the vile Fighting Foe Men; and the last defender was Oo-Larr, the jungle lord who saved Castle Grayskull from the onslaught of Ursolor, the Red Beast, and his armies of Beast People. The castle was named after King Grayskull to honor him as he was the first hero.

    She then lead them to a chamber underground, as they traveled down on levitating stone tablets. They reached the bottom floor, surrounded by large stone walls and columns. In the middle of the floor, was a large pyramid structure, constructed of Eternium - the hardest metal in the universe. On it was the image of a symbol - a large red iron cross. The pyramid was called the Heart of Grayskull,

    Inside the pyramid was the great Orb of Power, which came from the Elders - celestial beings of unimaginable power who once ruled Eternia. The Elders also created the Sword of Power, which was a conduit of their power. The champions of Grayskull wielded the sword in battle, which made them mighty and gave them incredible power.

    When a champion had fulfilled his time as defender of the planet, the sword would split into two halves until the next champion arose. When the sword chose its next master, the two halves came together as one unified blade. With the arrival of Skeletor, the time had come for a new champion to emerge to defend Eternia.

    Prince Adam and his companions are curious about who the next champion is...only to find out from the Sorceress that the new champion will be none other than Adam himself.

    The prince is taken aback, and unsure that he is the chosen one, knowing that Teela and Man-at-Arms are the superior warriors, and that he failed to save his parents and help his people. The Sorceress tells him he has always been a misunderstood young man and has great compassion, wisdom and courage. True traits of that a champion of Grayskull carries. His friends also have faith in him.

    Adam steps forth, and the Sorceress uses her magic, incanting an ancient Eternian dialect. Her hands start glowing, as two lights emerge in mid hair. The two lights turn into the two halves of the Power Sword. Adam holds out his right hand, and the two blades start glowing even brighter, as mystical energies that flowing around him. As the light dissipates, the Sword of Power is now one unified blade, glistening with magic. The prince grabs hold of the sword, as the great power surges through him. The sword feels right in his hand. It has chosen its master.

    The people of Eternia do not need a king right now. Its need something greater - it needs a hero.

    Suddenly, the great Elders of Eternia appear before Prince Adam. They are glad that a new champion of Grayskull has been chosen once more. Incanting the ancient Eternian language, they bestow the knowledge of the universe onto Adam, as light energy emits from the Elders' hands, flooding into the prince's mind. And so, the Elders disappear, and Adam is aware of his instructions.

    He holds the sword aloft and, for the very first time, calls upon the power of Grayskull. His companions look up and see a massive burst of lightning pour down onto the sword, and envelops the room in blinding light, including Prince Adam. The light is even brighter than the Eternian sun.

    The light fades out, and mystical energies flow around the prince. Only this time, he had transformed completely. From a thin young man in royal attire into a tall, muscular warrior with barbarian clothing, including a silver harness with a red iron cross. He holds the sword in front of his chest, exclaiming: "I...have...THE POWER!"

    Pointing the sword at the quivering Cringer, the timid cat also transforms into a large and powerful fighting tiger with shining red armor.

    Teela walks up to him, unable to recognize the boy she grew up with, but he assures her its still him.

    In his new form, Prince Adam will be known as He-Man, Defender of Eternia, and Cringer will be called Battle Cat in his transformed state.

    Little did our heroes realize, that Skeletor and his minions were scouring the land, and noticed large, thick clouds and loud strikes of lightning all above where Castle Grayskull.

    The Lord of Destruction was riding his steed, a purple-furred feline called Panthor, while Beast Man and Evil-Lyn were in the air, riding large griffins. Skeletor wonders what is happening around the castle, as it was believed to be nothing more than an old ruin.

    Evil-Lyn heard about the stories about the legendary Grayskull champions, but these days they were nothing more than common folklore and old wives' tales. Stories that Skeletor shared no interest in. Evil-Lyn suggests they go tear down the castle for fun, which her master accepts without hesitation.

    The Sorceress senses that Skeletor draws near, and He-Man leads his friends out the castle to defend it.

    When Skeletor and his lackeys reach Grayskull, they are shocked to see that the Heroic Warriors survived his attack on Eternos City. He-Man makes his introduction, telling Skeletor he's come to defend Eternia and the universe against his evil. Evil-Lyn wonders about the whereabouts of Prince Adam, but Teela is defensive by saying "he's safe from the likes of you!"

    Skeletor charges towards them. He-Man defends his friends, and faces his archenemy for the very first time. Teela faces Evil-Lyn once again, Man-at-Arms goes up against the feral Beast Man, and even Battle Cat and Panthor engage in battle.

    The fight between He-Man and Skeletor is contentious. While Skeletor is a great sorcerer, he is surprised to oppose a mortal man with unnatural strength and power. A mortal warrior who proves to be his equal in battle. The fight ensues, as sword and staff clash.

    Teela shows incredible form in combat and is able to knock Evil-Lyn out cold, even though Evil-Lyn's magical abilities gave her an advantage. Unfortunately, Man-at-Arms is wounded by Beast Man, but not fatally, due to his impenetrable armor. Battle Cat has also won his fight with Panthor.

    He-Man eventually defeats Skeletor in their fight, and prepares for a killing blow with his Sword of Power. Skeletor urges him to kill him, but He-Man remembers that his father was a man of peace, not vengeance, and grants his enemy mercy. The most powerful man in the universe refuses to become the monster Skeletor is, no matter the anger he felt for the loss of his parents. He-Man then demands that Skeletor and his lackeys leave Castle Grayskull, and to never return.

    As the villains flee, Skeletor swears that he will one day destroy them.

    He-Man and Teela help Man-at-Arms to the castle, where they are approached by the Sorceress. She tells them that He-Man had proven himself to be the rightful champion of Grayskull, and thanks the other Heroic Warriors for their bravery.

    Later that evening, Prince Adam and Teela stand atop Grayskull, looking over the vast Eternian landscape. Teela commends Adam for his bravery, but he retorts by saying He-Man is the one she should thank. Teela reminds him that while He-Man has strength and courage, he has Adam's heart, and both He-Man AND Adam are equally important. The two of them share a joyous moment together, watching the sun going down.

    The Heroic Warriors have many adventures together and the threat of Skeletor's evil is ever constant. With the power of Grayskull safe from evil, these heroes have proven to be true MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE.
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    Summary for CHAPTER TWO: Friends and Foes

    A few days have passed since He-Man's first battle with Skeletor. Prince Adam and the Heroic Warriors have settled into Castle Grayskull, making themselves sleeping quarters. While things aren't as luxurious as it was in the Eternos Palace, they had to put the safety of the planet above their comforts. The hope always lingers that one day they will return to Eternos to rebuild, and bring hope back to the people. However, the secrets of Grayskull were in the most danger, which could put the fate of the universe at stake.
    One morning, Man-at-Arms and Prince Adam were atop one of the Grayskull towers, putting finishing repairs on the newly built laser cannon, which will help better their defences against their enemies.

    Adam questions if he made the right choice by granting Skeletor mercy. If the people would be safer if he were dead. Man-at-Arms says that Eternia needs a leader of compassion, not a killer, and that his parents would be proud of the choice he made. Adam finds comfort in Man-at-Arms' words, and prays that one day Skeletor will be defeated and the universe will be at peace again.

    Far away from Grayskull, Skeletor and his minions are traveling the hostile regions of the Dark Hemisphere - the dangerous half of Eterna which the ordinary Eternia dared not enter. They are searching for an old fortress.

    Skeletor is humiliated after being defeated by He-Man, believing that a great sorcerer such as himself could be beaten by a "barbarian with a sword."

    Evil-Lyn and Beast Man, in the air aboard their griffins, find the place they are looking for - a towering mountain-like stronghold with a snake head and a demon's face on the side of the mountain. It was the former stronghold of King Hssss, the lord of the Snake Men, who ruled Eternia in ancient times with an iron fist, and conquered many planets across the universe. Before all of existence fell into utter darkness, Hssss and his armies were defeated by the combined might of King Grayskull and his younger brother He-Ro.

    The fortress was known as Snake Mountain, and it was here that Skeletor and his minions would plot and plan to destroy He-Man and all of Eternia.

    Meanwhile, inside Castle Grayskull, the Sorceress takes Teela through a tour of the castle, telling her more about the legends and secrets within. Inside Grayskull, there were secret doorways to other worlds and dimensions, which the Sorceress refers to as "Space Portals," and also the largest library in all of Eternia. It has books on the history, magic, civilizations, and all things there is to know about the world.

    Teela is awestruck by the magnificence of the castle.

    The two of them sit and down and talk, The Sorceress confesses that she has a secret to tell Teela - she is her mother.

    Teela is shaken and furious that she never told her or Man-at-Arms. The Sorceress goes on to tell her that after a great battle, Man-at-Arms stumbled upon the Grayskull, badly wounded, physically and mentally. With her help, he was able to recover. They bonded, fell in love, and secretly wed.

    But, Man-at-Arms had to return to Eternos to serve King Randor and his family, and the Sorceress became pregnant with Teela. With the threat of Skeletor's return ever constant, she had to protect Grayskull, and that would put her baby at risk. Man-at-Arms decided to raise Teela in Eternos and train her to become a soldier. So she made Man-at-Arms drink a magical elixir to forget their secret love and to further protect Teela.

    While the lady warrior would be forever grateful having Man-at-Arms as a father and being treated like family by the royals of Eternos, Teela was still shaken by the revelation, and rants at the Sorceress for not telling her the truth since their arrival. She storms out the castle, as a tear runs down the Sorceress' cheek.

    Back at Snake Mountain, Skeletor and his crew have set up headquarters. The Lord of Destruction sits on the bone throne of King Hssss with Panthor curled up at his side. He is curious how He-Man came out of nowhere and Prince Adam is nowhere to be found, and why they seemed so protective over a broken down ruin such as Castle Grayskull.

    Evil-Lyn thinks that He-Man could be a new champion of Grayskull, like the heroes in the old legends. Skeletor rubs it off, saying that He-Man is nothing like the old fabled heroes as they were described as "god-like" and that He-Man was only a "simple sword-wielding barbarian with an over-developed physique." The Lord of Destruction still believes that the legends about the old champions were nothing more than old wives' tales.

    Beast Man remarks that He-Man did beat him battle, and then Skeletor blasts him with his Havoc Staff.

    Evil-Lyn uses her wand staff to spy on their enemies, and she sees Prince Adam and Teela traversing the land. Skeletor orders her to go and kill them both,

    Meanwhile, Adam and Teela are exploring the woods near Castle Grayskull. The prince enjoys the sounds of nature and the scent of forestry, but he notices that Teela is off. She reveals to him that the Sorceress in her mother, and is hurt that it was kept secret from her.

    Adam understands her frustration, but he reminds her that he lost both his parents in a single night. Teela gets to be reunited with her mother and her father still lives. She is comforted by the prince's words.

    As they travel through the woods, Teela's mood is lightened due to Adam's sense of humor and reminiscing about the fun times they had as children.

    The two of them come across an old woman wandering the woods. She asks for soem money, which Teela kindly gives. The old woman then asks if they help her walk home. Adam warns her of dangers of the wood, and that there are strange creatures walking around.

    The old woman remarks about their kindness, but then goes to say that kindness is for the weak. Her voices changes, and she laughs wickedly, and magically transforms into Evil-Lyn.

    She uses her magic against Teela, but Prince Adam gets the lady warrior out of harm's way. Evil-Lyn commends the prince on his bravery, but then says that he is no He-Man.

    Unable to call upon the power of Grayskull which would reveal his secret to one of their most dangerous enemies, Adam does what he can to thwart her. He tries to convince Evil-Lyn that she can forge her own path, free of Skeletor.

    She hesitates, considering making her own destiny, but then cusses the prince and insists that she must serve Skeletor.

    Using her magic, she summons these demonic hands which grabs the prince. He is unable to free himself. Teela demands that she releases him/

    Evil-Lyn laughs wickedly, and traps Teela in an impenetrable force field.

    Suddenly, they look up to see a flying man with large red wings approaching. He shoots a stun beam from his wrist gauntlet, which temporarily blinds Evil-Lyn. The winged man lands on the ground before Adam and Teela, who has broken free from her force field. They recognize the winged man as Stratos, King of the Avionians, one of King Randor's former companions who they haven't seen since they were children.

    The happy reunion is cut short when Evil-Lyn attacks Stratos with her magic. The winged warrior is able to avoid her attacks. She knocks down Prince Adam with a sweeping kick, and uses a paralyzing spell on Teela. Adam gets back up and draws his sword to defend himself.

    Evil-Lyn prepares another spell of paralysis, but Adam is rescued by Stratos, and they take to the skies. Adam cries out, wanting to help Teela.

    The prince leads Stratos to Grayskull. The King of Avion promises they were get Teela back. Adam commands Stratos to let Man-at-Arms know about Teela's kidnapping, as Zoar the falcon comes to them and tells the prince that Evil-Lyn has taken her to Snake Mountain. Adam remembers the stories his mother told him of Snake Mountain and about King Hssss' tyranny.

    As Stratos goes to find Man-at-Arms, Adam finds Cringer resting outside the castle grounds, and tells his feline friend they must go to Snake Mountain to rescue Teela. Cringer unsuccessfully tries to chicken out, and then Adam once again calls upon the power of Grayskull to transform into the mighty He-Man, and Cringer turns into the ferocious Battle Cat.

    Getting onto his steed, He-Man and his fighting tiger race on the perilous journey to Snake Mountain.

    Meanwhile, Skeletor and Beast Man are in the Crystal Sea - a magnificent ocean filled with crystalline landscapes. They search for an old ally. A hideous green-skinned man with fish-like features leaps out of the water and kneels down before Skeletor. The fish-like man is called Mer-Man, the tyrannical Ocean Warlord who has conquered many underwater civilizations. He wishes to serve Skeletor without a second thought. The Lord of Destruction opens a portal, taking them back to Snake Mountain.

    Battle Cat charges over the volcanic regions of the Dark Hemisphere, helping his master to get to Snake Mountain. They withstand the hot temperatures and the ill-smelling air.

    Man-at-Arms comes flying on a Wind Raider with Stratos by his side. The winged warrior has summoned extra help for the mission. One warrior is a bulky man with armor covering his head and shoulders. His name is Lord Krass, who goes by the warrior name Ram Man. He also served alongside King Randor during the battle against Keldor and his forces. Ram Man rides a red Bashasaurus land vehicle. Alongside Ram Man, flying on a Sky Sled, is his younger cousin, who is called Orius.

    He-Man and Battle Cat make their introductions, and their new friends are happy that a new champion of Grayskull has risen to fight by their side.

    He-Man and Battle Cat board the Wind Raider, and our heroes head for Snake Mountain, willing to face the dangers that await them.

    Inside Skeletor's dark headquarters, Teela is bound to a pole with magical green bondages holding her. The room is cold and dark.

    Evil-Lyn waltzes in, telling her that she was ordered to kill her and Adam. But, she thought it better to kidnap her instead, to lure He-Man to Snake Mountain, so Skeletor could destroy him. She brags that Skeletor will one day conquer the universe.

    Teela responds that their vile ambitions will be their downfall and that the Defenders of Grayskull will never let them win.

    Suddenly, the terrible form of Skeletor emerges from the darkness, with Beast Man and Mer-Man at his die.

    Evil-Lyn complains about Mer-Man's fishy body odor. Then, she and the Ocean Warlord start arguing. Mer-Man even draws his serrated sword, and the two prepare to fight each other. But Skeletor puts a stop to it.

    He lashes at Evil-Lyn for not killing Teela and Adam. But she excuses herself by saying she thought it best to kidnap Teela in order to bring He-Man to him. Skeletor pardons her with a commendation.

    Meanwhile, He-Man and the Heroic Warriors have reached the Mystic Mountain. Using his incredible strength to punch through the walls, the team splits up. He-Man takes Battle Cat and Ram Man to go rescue Teela, while Man-at-Arms, Stratos and Orius go to keep the Evil Warriors at bay.\

    He-Man manages to locate Teela and uses his sword to free from her magical bondages. Teela warns him that he has run into a trap, and Evil-Lyn arrives to trap the most powerful man in the universe with her magic.

    He-Man struggles as her magic is strong, almost matching his strength. He then uses the magic of his Power Sword to break free, accidentally saying that she is no match for the Power of Grayskull, which piques her interest. After he is released, a concussive force blasts Evil-Lyn.

    Teela thanks He-Man for the rescue with a hug and is happy to see Ram Man again after so many years. But before they depart, they are ambushed by the rampaging Beast Man.

    The Savage Henchman remembers fighting against Ram Man in the old battles. The two clash head on, and the Human Battering Ram takes out the Beast Man with his bullrushing strength.

    Then, a huge blast of purple magical energy shoots at the memories. Teela and Battle Cat manage to jump out of the way, but He-Man and Battle Cat are struck, as the evil form of Skeletor approaches them.

    Ram Man is out cold, but He-Man is able to recover due to his powers, and realizes that Skeletor's magic packs a bigger wallop than he originally thought.

    Once again, Eternia's greatest hero and the Lord of Destruction engage in another epic battle. Sword against staff.

    Battle Cat rushes to help the other heroes, as Teela comes face to face with Evil-Lyn again. The two women also engage in a fierce battle.

    Teela demands that Evil-Lyn will never harm her friends again. With her emotions heightened, she releases a surge of light energy from her being. The evil sorceress is sent flying through the air, crying in pain after being struck by the shockwave.

    Teela passes out. The event distracts Skeletor, as He-Man delivers a super punch, taking out the Lord of Destruction. He rushes to Teela's side, as she starts gaining her senses. She is unaware of what happened, and He-Man fills her in on the details.

    Man-at-Arms and the other heroes locates them, after getting passed Snake Mountain's defenses and other hidden dangers. They all commend each other for the victory, and head back to Castle Grayskull.

    Skeletor tends to a wounded Evil-Lyn, who is enraged that a mere soldier such as Teela could wield magic that rivals her own. Her master believes that He-Man and his friends have secrets they should uncover.

    Skeletor lashes out at Beast Man and Mer-Man for their failures, and swears to destroy the Heroic Warriors should they cross paths again.

    Back at Castle Grayskull, Prince Adam reveals to Stratos, Ram Man and Orius that he and He-Man are one and the same. He then requests that they join them in the task of defending Grayskull and Eternia against Skeletor's evil, which they honorably accept.

    Teela is able to reconcile with the Sorceress, happy to be united with her long-lost mother at last. Man-at-Arms is till edgy after the revelation that he and Sorceress were once wed, but understands that their respective duties have torn them apart. But now, they are one family united.

    Meanwhile, a strange portal opens above the dangerous marshlands called the Tar Swamp, and a strange alien being with red robes, large blue ears and an orange wizard's hat stumbled out of it. He questions about the "strange land" he's came across.
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    CHAPTER 3: The Otherwordly Wizard (Summary)

    After reuniting with old friends, He-Man and Teela are sent by the Sorceress on a quest to the untamed wilderness of the Vine Jungle. After realizing that she had hidden powers of her own, Teela was told by her mother that they had to locate a mysterious amulet in the Temple of Serpos – the god of the Snake Men, who played a crucial part in King Hssss' rise to power during the Snake Men's rule over Eternia millennia ago.

    He-Man was riding his mighty steed Battle Cat, while Teela was traversing the air on a hoverboard her father built for them.

    The Vine Jungle was not easy to traverse, as the warriors used their weapons to cut through hundreds of vines and walk through foul-smelling rivers. Not to mention the carnivorous animals and the venomous creatures in the watery depths. But they kept a watchful eye.

    A large blue snake and fangs dripping with venom lashed out at them. But He-Man manages to grab it by the tail and throw it back into the murky water.

    Eventually they reached the temple, which was the form of a large pyramid made of gold with the head of a snake on its zenith.

    The warriors treaded carefully inside and it was filled with statues, gold, jewellery, and treasures. Not to minion a room filled with the rotten carcasses of dead Snake People. They looked to see the statues of King Hssss himself. A haunting image of a colossal five-headed monster, As well as the statues of generals – Rattlor, Tung Lashor, Sssqueeze and Snake Face. Rumour has it that Rattlor and Tung Lashor defected to join the Horde armies.

    They ventured further through long wide passageways, which seemed to go for hours, until they reached some sort of throne room. There were hidden traps and snares in the room, but He-Man and Teela managed to evade them.

    In the middle of the throne room, once all the traps were evaded, was a large skeletal snake creature. It had a golden and red crown covering its hand, and gold shoulder pads. Many snake heads protroded from its being, and the torso and limbs were wrapped in filthy bandages. This creature was originally Wraptor, a cursed mummifed serpent which the Snake Men used as an instrument in battle.

    In Wraptor's left hand was a golden amulet in the shape of a cobra's head. It was the item they were sent to find, according to the Sorceress' description. Teela grabbed the amulet and used her hand to wipe off the thick webbing and dirt, as the golden coating shimmered radiantly.

    The eyes on the head of the amulet burned green and it extended in a long staff. Teela held it firmly in her hands. It felt right. It was called the Staff of Ka, the great weapon of the Green Goddess.

    He-Man remembered about the legend of the Green Goddess, and how her rivalry with Serpos ravaged the planet for many years. In their final battle, Serpos had almost won, when King Hssss stole the Staff from her. However, being the greatest force of good in the universe, The Goddess was able to defeat Serpos' evil. The warrior brothers King Grayskull and He-Ro defeated King Hssss and his Snake Men.

    With the aid of the Elders, King Grayskull, He-Ro and The Goddess were able to trap the Snake Men and their vile god into an inter-dimensional prison known as the Ophidian Sphere, which is now light years away in space. So the Snake Men will never set foot upon Eternia again.

    Suddenly, the eyes of Wraptor started glowing, and the entire skeleton emitted a green smoke all around it. It came back to life – a hideous ravenous creature. It strike its snake heads at Teela, who smashed them with the staff. He-Man leapt forward and struck the creature with its sword. A bright green glow enveloped the room, as Teela headed for cover. A large explosion erupted, sending He-Man flying through a wall.

    Teela went to see to him. He managed to gain his senses, but he was a bit dazed after the explosion, stating that the magic of the Snake Men was as ancient as the power of Grayskull.

    Having fulfilled their mission, the two of them decided to head back to Castle Grayskull. On their way out, they heard Battle Cat roar, as they came face to face with Skeletor's minions – Evil-Lyn, Beast Man and Mer-Man.

    Evil-Lyn had spied on them with her magic, and noticed that Teela was carrying the Staff of Ka. The evil sorceress demanded that she hand it over to them, but Teela refused. He-Man explains that they were sent to the temple to retrieve the staff.

    Evil-Lyn cusses at them, and orders the henchmen to attack. She faces Teela in battle, while He-Man and Battle Cat take down Beast Man and Mer-Man.

    Teela evades Evil-Lyn's magical attacks in spectacular form, and her new staff comes in handy to even block of her attacks. He-Man and Battle Cat make short work of Beast Man and Mer-Man, defeating them with ease.

    The most powerful man in the universe and his fierce feline companion decide to aid Teela in battle. Unfortunately, Evil-Lyn traps them with her magic, making it impossible for them to move. The evil sorceress than disarms Teela, and strikes her with her magic.

    The magic being released from Evil-Lyn's staff hurts Teela, and He-Man and Battle Cat are trapped, unable to break free.

    Suddenly, her magic is blocked by some sort of invisible force. She is baffled by what is blocking her magic, until she sees some sort of liquefying image taking form – the invisible force is the strange alien creature that came through the portal in the Tar Swamp.

    The creature is a wizard, and his magic rivals Evil-Lyn. He remarks that she has no honour to inflict pain upon a kindly sole as Teela. The evil sorceress strengthens her magic, until the alien wizard casts a spell, and she's suddenly enveloped by his unusual magic, and is teleported back to Snake Mountain – only this time, in one of the slime pools near the stronghold, which ruins her clothing. She cusses at the wizard.

    He-Man and Battle Cat are freed from their bindings, and the wizards tends to Teela, using his magic to heal her. He-Man thanks him for saving their lives.

    The wizard introduces himself as Orko the Great, Master Wizard of Trolla. He-Man invites him to Castle Grayskull, where the Sorceress will appreciate the company of a wizard.

    Back at Snake Mountain, Skeletor has appointed a new bodyguard for Wolfsgate, one of the entrances into the stronghold. The bodyguard is a large reptilian creature with green scales and a large thrashing tail. He is called Whiplash, a disgraced criminal from the city of Caligaria in the Plains of Perpetua. While his people kept to themselves, they were a savage race, with a hide that was almost impenetrable and a tail with smashing force so powerful it could demolish a tree in the Evergreen Forest.

    Skeletor is unhappy when Beast Man and Mer-Man returned, bruised and battered from their battle with He-Man and Battle Cat. The Lord of Destruction mocks them again for failing him. Evil-Lyn also emerges, covered in slime and ooze from the slime pools near the mountain.

    Skeletor introduces them to Whiplash, who greets them with grunts and snarls. Evil-Lyn quietly questions why they recruit a Caligarian, describing them as “mindless brutes.” Her master responds that his ravenous nature and impenetrable hide will make him more than a match for He-Man.

    Then Evil-Lyn tells her lord about the day when they kidnapped Teela and used her magic against He-Man. He talked about the power of Grayskull, which he channeled through the sword to break himself free.

    This proves to the Lord of Destruction that He-Man is definitely the new champion and Castle Grayskull is where the power of the Elders resides. And it answers why the Heroic Warriors were so protective of the castle. She also explains why she is covered in slime, and she tells that some sort of alien wizard helped He-Man and Teela in their tussle against them. This strange wizard was someone that Skeletor was eager to meet.

    Back at Castle Grayskull, He-Man and Battle Cat have changed back to Prince Adam and Cringer, and introduce themselves to Orko as their true selves.

    The wizard explains that he is from another world known as Trolla, which is vastly different to Eternia. On his homeworld, he was the greatest wizard to ever live, but the demon known as Sh'Gora invaded his world, causing chaos and destruction. Orko did his best to protect his home and people, but Sh'Gora banished him to Eternia. He has never faced a foe as powerful.

    Sh'Gora was one of the most terrible forces of evil in the universe, travelling from planet to planet, bringing about his darkness. While the world of Trolla was different to Eternia, it was a world of peace without war or conflict – things the ordinary Trollans knew little bit. And he fears that just like other worlds, Trolla will fall to the darkness of Sh'Gora. He has tried to return, but has failed, and he is unable to open a portal back to Trolla.

    Adam promises to one day help Orko return to his home. He asks for Orko to join in their allegiance against Skeletor and his legions, as they will need a wizard on their side for the battles to come.

    Teela is with the Sorceress in the throne room, where her mother is examining the Staff of Ka. Her mother explains that while Teela will one day be the next Guardian of Grayskull, there is far more to her destiny and the development of her powers.

    When she was pregnant, the Sorceress was visited by the Green Goddess, and told her that her daughter will be her avatar. A vessel to channel her imminent power to protect the lands of Eternia, while the Goddess watched over the universe alongside the Elders and the gods of creation. And by obtaining the Staff of Ka, that time was drawing near.

    They go to tell Prince Adam, Orko and Cringer. Adam is astounded to hear that the Sorceress has literally met the Green Goddess, and that Teela becoming her avatar was an even more exciting revelation. The Sorceress welcomes Orko to Grayskull and asks the wizard if they can learn about their respective abilities together, to aid in the battle against Skeletor.

    Teela is taken aback by what she was told, as she believed that she was always meant to be a military leader, but something much, much more. With her as the Goddess' avatar and Adam with the power of He-Man, they will become the ultimate fighting duo against Skeletor's evil.

    Back at Snake Mountain, Skeletor is preparing his minions for another assault on Castle Grayskull. He wishes that Whiplash use his talents to kill He-Man. With Eternia's champion out of the way, they could make short work of the other Heroic Warriors.

    Whiplash questions about the mysterious power that lies within Grayskull. Skeletor says that it is meant for only him, that it was his birthright to wield that power. If Whiplash does what he commands, that they will share in the glory of their success. Skeletor climbs onto the back of Panthor, while the Evil Warriors prepare their Griffins.

    All was quiet at Castle Grayskull. Skeletor and his minions travelled through the forest, until they reached its end, where the castle was situated. Beast Man wonders why they don't attack the castle immediately. But the Lord of Destruction has a better idea in mind.

    Prince Adam and Orko are standing at the castle entrance, as the prince tells his new friend about his childhood growing up in the palace and all the many lessons his parents had taught him in his youth. Orko is glad that he has made new friends and it was his great honour to fight alongside them in the battle against the forces of evil. Adam extends his gratitude, saying their can never be a shortage of good friends.

    Suddenly, a middle-aged man dressed in regal clothing approachs them. The prince is shocked to see that the man was none other than his father, King Randor. But it was impossible as the king had been slain by Skeletor weeks ago.

    King Randor is overjoyed to see his son alive and well after the fall of Eternos City. Adam questions his resurrection, and the king replies that there were survivors, and some of them were doctors, and used technology and healing magic to bring the king back to life.

    Orko senses that something is not right. Something was off about the king.

    Randor asks Adam to return to him to Eternos, so they can rebuild and find the means to find Queen Marlena. The prince is hesitant, as he knows that his duty is to protect Castle Grayskull against Skeletor's evil. The king says that the Heroic Warriors will protect the castle, and the prince can finally go home to where he belongs.

    Adam finds the remark strange, knowing that as He-Man, he is the best hope of defending Grayskull, and Skeletor's evil schemes will be its downfall. He apologizes to the king, and says that he has no choice but to stay and defend the castle. The entire universe depended on it.

    Just then, the Sorceress and Teela arrive, stating that the man is an impostor and is not King Randor.

    Suddenly, the king starts laughing. From a seemingly sarcastic laugh, it changes into a wicked, malelovent, haunting cackle. His voice changes. And suddenly, a red magical light comes over the king, and he transforms into the hideous form of Skeletor.

    Adam bravely demands that Skeletor leave the grounds of Grayskull, as he is not welcome. The Sorceress prepares her magic and Teela is armed with her cobra staff.

    Skeletor walks up to the prince, demanding that he steps aside, and slams him with a magical blow from his Havoc Staff, sending him careening into Bottomless Abyss. Sorceress and Teela watch in horror as they hear the prince's helpless scream spiralling downwards. Cringer comes running out of the castle,

    They confront Skeletor. Conjuring his dark magic, the Lord of Destruction blocks off their assault. The Sorceress fights with her magic, and with Teela's emotions heightened, she releases a shock wave of light energy. With the powers of mother and daughter combined, they srrike Skeletor, sending him across the air, collapsing on the ground like a heavy lump of flesh. He shivers, struggling to get up, furious that they beat him with their heroic magic.

    Suddenly, his minions arrive, atop their Griffins, with Beast Man riding Panthor in the lead. Skeletor gets up, holding tightly onto his Havoc Staff, and says that the two of them alone are no match for his warriors.

    Teela tells her mother that they must defend the castle, as she goes onto the battlefield to fight the forces. The Sorceress called upon the power of the Elders to build a force field around the castle, while Orko assists Teela in combat.

    Meanwhile, Prince Adam and Cringer are many feet below in the Abyss, having fallen onto a precipice. Thanks to his timid yet courageous feline companion, Adam is alive, but wounded. Coughing out blood, Adam had broken his leg, cracked a few ribs, and sprained his arm. He struggles to get to his feet, his mind only on the lives of his friends...and the power of Grayskull falling into Skeletor's evil hands.

    Fortunately, Cringer has got hold of the Sword of Power, and carries it in his mouth to the prince. Adam is grateful to his tiger companion. Grabbing the sword, his words shaky, he calls upon the power of Grayskull once more, and his wounds are healed.

    Huge strikes of lightning erupted from forming clouds in the heavens, as Skeletor and the Evil Warriors look upon it with confusion, not having a clue about what is happening. The lightning poured down into the Abyss, Teela smiles, as it assures her that Adam is alright.

    The magic lightning strikes the Sword of Power, and a great burst of blinding light envelops the chasm.

    Transforming into the mighty He-Man and Battle Cat, the two champions make their way to top, to save their friends and Castle Grayskull once more.

    Teela and Orko fight valiantly against Skeletor and his minions. With her combat skills, Teela takes out Beast Man and Mer-Man. Orko manages to outwit Evil-Lyn with his own magic again, and then comes face to face with the evil Lord of Destruction himself.

    Skeletor is disgusted that Orko's magic rivals Evil-Lyn's, as she is one of the most powerful sorceresses in all of Eternia. He remarked that it was absolutely ridiculous that she could be defeated by a “floating bag of wind.”

    Orko shows no fear against Skeletor, as even his hideous visage alone could haunt the most courageous of men. And so, the wizard and evil sorcerer's magical powers collide.
    Skeletor is impressed, commenting that Orko's powers make him strong. Orko says that his fighting for his friends make him strong. The Lord of Destruction then says he may have defeated Evil-Lyn, but his abilities dwarf hers.

    Using the powers of the Havoc Staff, Skeletor injures Orko. The kindly wizard lies on the ground, dazed and injured.

    Teela rushes to aid Orko, trying to ask that Skeletor no longer inflict harm on him. But, she is halted by Panthor, who roars viciously at her. The purple-furred feline's jaw drips with saliva. Its green eyes glisten in the sunlight.

    Skeletor prepares to kill Orko, until they hear the familiar noble voice of He-Man. Everyone looks up, to see the most powerful man in the universe and his trusted tiger steed standing before them.

    He-Man calls Skeletor a bully for striking a “nice kid” like Adam. Teela is overjoyed that he has arrived.

    Skeletor pretends to be happy to see his archenemy, and then says he has a big surprise for He-Man. And so, the Lord of Destruction introduces him to Whiplash, who leaps out from the bushes in the Evergreen Forest.

    The powerful reptilian warrior pummels He-Man onto the ground, and the Sword of Power flies out out of his right hand.

    Managing to break free from his opponents sharp claws, which almost cuts through He-Man skin., He punches at Whiplash. The reptile warrior only staggers a back a bit, and then laughs, remarking on the hero's strength.

    In a big green blur, Whiplash thrashes He-Man with his large tail, sending the hero tearing through the ground. Wiping a small amount of blood from his nose, as he struggles to stand. He never thought one of Skeletor's henchmen could be so strong.

    The Lord of Destruction commends Whiplash on his efforts, and then demands that the reptile man kill him. As Whiplash approaches He-Man, Skeletor sees the Sword of Power lying on the ground,

    Skeletor believes that once he obtains the sword, the Power of Grayskull will be his for the taking.

    Gaining his strength, He-Man watches as his archenemy goes for the sword. Whiplash charges towards him like a bloodthirsty animal. Then, delivering a super punch, the hero strikes him so hard that he flies hundreds of feet through the air, crashing into the trees of the Evergreen Forest.

    Skeletor grabs the Power Sword, and holds it in the air with the blade facing the sky. He laughs wickedly. Suddenly, the sword starts glowing brighter...and brighter. Then Skeletor yells in pain, as the light burns his hand. The sword splits into two blades as the light fades out, and falls to the ground.

    The Lord of Destruction crumples to the ground, holding his injured hand, which his now full of black and red burn marks. He hangs his head in shame.

    He-Man walks up to him, and the two halves of the Power Sword started levitating in the air. As he cames nearer, the blades glow brightly, and becomes one unified blade again, as it comes to He-Man's hand. Even though the battle has been won again, He-Man has pity over Skeletor. He says that the Sword of Power can only be held by one who serves the forces of good, and that the power of Grayskull was not meant for evil.

    Skeletor asks why He-Man was the chosen one to wield the power. He-Man explains because he is everything Skeletor is not. That he is the light and the darkness. The great hope in the universe.

    Skeletor foolishly believes that it was his birthright to have the power. He-Man tells him that he craved the power too much, and that it was his downfall. The hero tells Skeletor that the two of them could have been friends. Allies in battle. But he chose the path of a tyrant. A sinner.

    Suddenly, Skeletor and all his cohorts are covered in an eerie black smoke, and they all disappear from the grounds of Grayskull. The evil voice of Skeletor calls through the air, swearing that the battle is not over.

    He-Man is glad that once again the forces of good have triumphed and Eternia is safe once more. A happy Teela rushes to his arms and the two engage in a warm embrace. He-Man says if it wasn't for the courage of Orko and Cringer, they would have not made it.

    The two warriors come to Orko, who is still lying on the ground after his battle with Skeletor. He starts a gaining his senses, but his very weak from his injuries. He opens his big yellow eyes, and sees He-Man and Teela smiling at him.

    Orko is happy to see He-Man alive, and the champions thanks him for helping them defend Grayskull. They carry him to the Recovery Room inside Castle Grayskull.

    When nightfalls, the Defenders of Grayskull set up a warm fire to sit around under a star-filled sky. Man-at-Arms and Orius have returned from space after taking care of Space Pirates. They are filled in of the events of the day.

    Teela notices Prince Adam standing one side, looking up at the night sky, with a disheartened look on his face. He feels shame for accidentally revealing the power of Grayskull to Evil-Lyn and falling for Skeletor's disguise as King Randor. He says that he was chosen to protect the greatest power in the universe within his hands, and made stupid mistakes.

    Teela explains that everyone makes mistakes and it is part of being human, and that nobody is perfect. When Adam was chosen to become He-Man, it was not because of perfection, it was because he is a good man.

    The prince worries if they will ever defeat Skeletor for good and bring peace back to Eternia. Teela kisses him, and assures him they will, because they have each other.

    Then, Orko levitates out of Castle Grayskull's entrance. With the Sorceress' help and the magic wtinin the castle, he is completely wounded after his confrontation with Skeletor.

    Both Prince Adam and Teela are overjoyed in seeing him. They thank him for his courage against Skeletor. Orko swears that he will always be loyal to them and fight by their side. Then he makes his introduction to Man-at-Arms and Orius.

    While the heroes sat around the fire, filled with laughter and good stories, little did they know that the Green Goddess herself was watching over them from the stars, knowing that her time to return to Eternia was drawing near.
    "A true hero fights for justice and loves kindness." - He-Man, Buzz-Off's Pride, 2002.

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    "A true hero fights for justice and loves kindness." - He-Man, Buzz-Off's Pride, 2002.

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