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Thread: Origins Weapons Pack Wish List

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    Pointing hands, open right hands and closed fist hands.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xTIMMYxCOREx View Post
    That drone for Tri-Klops. Does it have a name?

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    Doomseekers would be awesome. The 200X Tri-Klops came with one.

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    The more I think about it, just a random weapons pack inserted into a wave of figures like how the Star Wars Legacy Collection had bonus 'battle gear' accessory lockers. 3 weapons from the greyskull and either one armour set or 2 additional weapons. That way it is a gimmick and Mattel won't have to think about doing a special release.

    Available in light grey, light brown, maroon and purple
    Pack 1. Grayskull large laser, axe and mace.
    Pack 2. Grayskull small laser, shield and sword.

    Additional armour/weapons (one random with any combination of weapons above):
    Zodac armour black
    Beast man chest armour yellow
    Beast man arm pads pair yellow
    Zodac black gun and Beast Man whip
    He man Sword and axe in blue

    They can just do it in one wave, and maybe a wave with 1 or 2 army builders. Could make a lot of fun variant hunting/swapping and kids will have a blast.

    Have it so you can't see what is inside!!

    Just a thought.

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    Green Tri-Klops sword
    Orange Man-E-Faces pistol
    Grey He-Man sword
    Green Grizzlor crossbow
    Blue Evil-Lyn sceptre
    Red Rattlor snake staff
    Yellow Mer-Man sword
    Red Horde Trooper staff
    Brown Moss Man mace
    Purple Fisto sword
    Green Scareglow halberd
    Red Blast-Attak axe
    Orange Jitsu sword
    Grey Snout Spout axe
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    Mosquitor finally comes with the part Iíve been looking for all along Ö the closed fist hand. Letís hope we get more hands for our figures soon.

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    Since the new minicomic Stratos doesn't come with the correct accessories, I'd love to see those included in a future pack.

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