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Thread: questions about Origin of Skeletor in the MOTU Omnibus

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    questions about Origin of Skeletor in the MOTU Omnibus

    What caused Keldor's face to start melting and how was he communicating with Hordak? What was that a telephone line? Lol

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    It was basically an interdimensional telephone line through a vortex.. frankly he's lucky to he royalty because those long distance fees would destroy any regular man.

    As for his face, I can only assume that he tried to use a fire spell to bake some bread and failed quite spectacularly

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    We see in a later issue keldor use a liquid /acid/ magic potion disguised as wine , that wipes out randors council and Burns the skin from Thier heads before he launches his insurexxion . It was probably that liquid , used against him or backfiring in a way similar to the classics comic or the first episode of 200x , although that's not explicitly stated in the DC canon

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