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The only thing that could have made it better, was not missing the question about Castle Grayskull NOT appearing on screen near the end there which dropped me down too far to make it on stage.
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I was a bit sore over getting a question "wrong" even though I answered it right (there was a picture of Castle Brightmoon but the correct answer was incorrectly given to Crystal Castle), but happy to have ended in 8th place over all before the final round, even though that gave me nothing but my own satisfaction.
I was in first place for most of the game until these two questions. Answering a question correctly, and having the answer key be wrong, is frustrating. Particularly, because people who answered correctly got moved down the leader board, and people who answered incorrectly got moved up. I still finished in the top 10, but once unseated, was not able to reclaim my original position. The reason was related to this:

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I thought it was a bunch of fun but also I have a small criticism.

I love doing trivia and love to play and pride myself that I won based on my knowledge of things.

However, with rounds that had random 1000s of points or 1000 points/no points, etc I would go from first to 39th place in a single question which really ends up demoralizing the work I did to build up my score etc.

I ended up stopping playing about halfway though since I realized it wasn't a full on 'trivia game' based purely on just knowledge but that is fine. I still had a fun time.

Maybe smaller quicker games of just trivia and then other games of scrambles etc.
The ESP questions are not based on trivia, but chance, and high point values are assigned to them. So someone who could correctly guess how many people in the room chose to complete the phrase, "I will get you..." with "...my pretty," gets awarded 10,000 points, making their lead insurmountable by answering trivia questions alone, which have a much lower point value.

I understand it is to help make the game more competitive for people who do not know a lot of trivia, but it almost ensures that the most knowledgeable contestants do not become finalists. Particularly, when three of the four finalist positions were already reserved for people who won physical challenges like dance, debate, and lip sync competitions, and not trivia.

Contestants hoping to become finalists based on trivia alone only have one opportunity in four to get a finalist position, and that can still be undone by incorrect answer keys and questions of chance. So if I were to offer a recommendation, it would be to double-check the answer key, elimminate the questions of chance or assign them lower point values, and reduce the number of finalist positions reserved for the winners of physical challenges. Because overall, it is a really fun game to play, it could just be tightened up a bit.