In the course of the past year, I have obtained over 500 of the modern era filecards/cardbacks, including all of the FSS, and most of the filecards from the Convention Exclusive figures.

I still need around 20 or so to complete my filecard wants, as these are the final ones I'm looking for:

Club Exclusive Cardbacks: Air Adventurer, Land Adventurer, Female Cobra Troopers, Female Cobra Nightstalkers

☆SDCC Cardbacks: Rowdy Roddy Piper

☆2007 JoeCon filecards - Alex "Sparks" Verdi, Rip It

☆2008 JoeCon filecards - Gristle, Headhunter B.A.T.S., Headhunter Stormtrooper

☆2009 JoeCon filecard - Baroness

☆2010 JoeCon filecard - Black Major

☆2011 JoeCon filecard - Python Motor Viper

☆2013 JoeCon filecards - Charbroil, Freestyle

☆2018 JoeCon filecards - Python Para Viper Officer, Python Para Viper, Python Rock Viper

Can anyone help?