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Thread: Re creating the Masters of the universe characters

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    Re creating the Masters of the universe characters

    So this thread is for recreating re-envisioning classic Masters of the universe characters. If you have something like these percolating in your head feel free to drop yours here. I love most things Masters but quite a few of them leave me feeling with ya and so? So for my first entry

    Mekka Neck injured in battle and left blind and crippled by a Magic blast of energy Mekka Neck was brought to a techno healer to have his spine and eyes healed by a varient of the techno liquid seen in revelations. It healed his spine and vision replacing them with robotic replacements. Unfortunately the techno liquid threatens to take over his entire body.Mekka Neck uses a form of Eternian meditation which is a form of magic that can be used to keep his entire body from becoming cybernetic. As he meditates his neck grows along with his power whatever Mekka neck eyes can clearly see he can teleport himself and 2 others to that area so long as he's charged up. He can also summon electrical fields around metal objects like his mace which can also store charges his helmet acts like a telescope for longer distances. Up next Clamp champ.

    Clamp champ

    Uses dual clamps as his main weapons but they attach to his gauntlets and can be fired like Bat Man's grappling hooks to climb building s and such as well as crush or cut almost anything in their claws. They can also be used as shields if the situation calls for it.

    Up next.... Man E Faces or Beast Man
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