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  • They use the same Classics bucks for new figures

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  • They retool the Classics bucks for new figures

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  • They use all new sculpts for a new Ultimates line

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Thread: Would you want Super7 to continue with "MOTUC" figures and what would they do?

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    Would you want Super7 to continue with "MOTUC" figures and what would they do?

    If Super7 were to make "MOTUC" figures again what do you think they would do, would you buy them with how S7 does things now?
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    I absolutely would, and hope they do as I just want Classics. I personally don't mind the duration it takes for these to arrive in hand, but with that being said, I know there have been issues lately with the Thundercats line which makes me a bit apprehensive, especially at what they are charging per figure.

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    YES! I would buy Classics if they were the same tooling, updated tooling or new Ultimates tooling, as long as the same chunky aesthetic was there. I like the articulation in the Conan Ultimates, so re-sculpted figures like those would be fine with me.
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    I personally won't buy anything from Super 7 anymore as I found their initial run of MOTUC figures to be below the standard for what I expect at the price they were then, I certainly won't pay the price they ask for figures now, however I'd support them being released for others that do want to buy them.

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