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Thread: Mega Construx things I want to buy / trade for

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    Mega Construx things I want to buy / trade for

    I'm looking for reasonable prices for a few MCX figures I'm missing. I'm also missing Castle Grayskull and Battle Bones, but won't be able to afford those any time soon.

    I tend to collect at least two of each figure, so most on this list of wants are for that duplicate.

    What MOTU I need, in order of importance:

    Scare Glow x2 (1st release)

    Man-at-arms (first release)

    Evil-Lynn (vintage toy colors, yellow skin)

    Prince Adam

    Faker (first release, orange Skeletor harness)

    Stratos (red wings blue pack)

    What TMNT I need:

    Rocksteady 4 pack

    Bebop 4 pack

    As for trades, I will only trade with reputable members. If you have no marketplace feedback for selling, and you've been a member for a week, I won't be interested in trading. I don't mean to be rude, I'm just not willing to take any chances.

    What I have for trade (all sealed MCX items, unless otherwise stated):

    Tri-Klops x2 (wave three, mini comics colors)

    Roboto x2 (wave three, mini comics colors)

    Mer-Man (from the Roton set)

    Zodac (from the Talon Fighter set)

    Temple of Darkness Sorceress x4 (from the Talon Fighter set)

    unflocked Panthor x4 (from the Talon Fighter set)
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