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Thread: Easter Eggs found in He-Man & Masters of the Universe 2021 (Netflix)

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    Easter Eggs found in He-Man & Masters of the Universe 2021 (Netflix)

    I haven't split these into episode appearances yet, but I thought it would be fun to list the nods, homages, references, and tributes found throughout the new CGI series!

    So far, I've noticed:

    -Keldor as uncle of Adam, brother to the King. (200X reference)
    -Adam is part of a tribe. (Mini-Comic homage)
    -King Grayskull is mentioned as using the power of Grayskull. (200X reference)
    -Snake Mountain as the staging ground for the Snake People empire. (200X/MOTUC reference)
    -The heroes' ship is called the Wind Raider. (Filmation homage)
    -The small hover vehicles are called Sky Sleds. (Filmation reference)
    -Power of Havoc (as in "Havoc Staff") (Nod to vintage MOTU)
    -Cringer backs away from the energy bolts before being transformed. (Filmation reference)
    -Modulok is mentioned as a type of competitive sport. (Vintage homage)
    -Tuvar and Baddrah (two-bad) are royal guards of Eternos. (200X homage)
    -Man-At-Arms mentions that he has passed a lot of 'Battle Bones.' (Vintage toy reference)
    -Teela's super-move is called Zoar. (Vintage toy homage)
    -Evil-Lyn mentions that she knew a "sand witch" once... (Shokoti?) (Nod to Filmation)
    -Both the Mer-People and Avians are mentioned several times. (200X/Filmation/MOTUC reference)
    -Ork-0 mentions his battle with Colossor. (Filmation reference)
    -Teela has a close connection to the Eldress of Grayskull (similar to her Filmation origin) (Filmation reference)
    -Cringer rescues a young Adam like Adam rescues a young Cringer in Filmation. (Filmation homage)
    -The Eldress says, "On to New Adventures!" (NA reference)
    -Snake Mountain is located in the Fright Zone. (Vintage/POP reference)
    -Skeletor speaks through a microphone from atop Snake Mountain. (Vintage toy homage)
    -Evil-Lyn's super-move is called Wings of Horokoth. (DC Comics reference)
    -Trap-Jaw's "vacuum" mouth. (DC/Mattel Digital-Comics reference)
    -Keldor and Randor (of House Randor?) wear the Lion Insignia. (Filmation reference)
    -Before becoming Trap-Jaw, Konis's body is green. (Mini-Comic reference)
    -Battle Cat fights a Shadow Cat beast that resembles Panthor. (Filmation/Vintage reference)
    -Adam jokes about having white tights and a silly haircut when he finds out that he's a prince. (Filmation nod)
    -Man-At-Arms uses an orange mace for a weapon. (Mini-comic/Vintage MotU reference)

    I know that there are a lot more... I'll keep updating as needed!
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