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Thread: Easter Eggs found in He-Man & Masters of the Universe 2021 (Netflix)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bear View Post
    When Ork-O animates armors to impress the guards, their shapes are very Modulok-y.

    Also, Shadow Battle Cat is probably a Panthor referance. Skeletor even later mentions that he wants his own.

    Not sure if counts but Marlena is present in the painting if not mentioned in the show yet.

    Another arguable, Krass' helmet belongs to her dad, possibly referencing the original Ram Man.

    Teela's ponytail might be based on 200x take.

    Edress' design is more snake-like than bird-like in reference to the original version.

    Kronis is green rather than blue like he was in original mini-comics.
    I like the Kronis connection!

    I also found another one in episode 3... when Adam finds out that he is a prince, he says, "What? Like in white tights and a silly haircut?" (Throwback to Filmation Adam.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bear View Post

    Kronis is green rather than blue like he was in original mini-comics.
    Though First minicomic appearance Trap Jaw is yellow skinned. He does not have green skin.

    The other dimension where he was captive, also has other yellow-skinned characters.

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    Not an Easter egg to the old He-Man series itself, but I was thinking today: isn't Adam being raised by tigers suspiciouly similar to Kull's story?

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