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    Custom Colors

    One of the biggest problems I experience while doing customs is getting a perfect match on paints. Then it occured to me that there has to be a plethora of people out there (specially on here) that probably know the proper mix to getting the right shade of Red or Purple for that certain piece of armor. Skin tones as well.

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    The problem you're going to run into is brands -- you'll either need to tell what brands you're using and hope someone else is familiar with those brands, or be willing to switch to whichever brand people wind up giving you the mixes for, and you may find you get a couple answers in one brand, a few more in another, and others in yet another.

    I wish I could help with actual paint mixing, but I'm actually colorblind, so I wind up having to mix and ask my wife if they match.

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    Color matching can be a tricky thing. It's based on what colors make up what you are trying to match. In my experience, you will be using the primary colors (red, yellow, blue) and those that shade (white & black). Let say if you are trying to match a purple color, know that red & blue make purple. Look at it and determine if it needs a little more red or more blue. Or, if you have the right hue, but it needs to be a shade lighter or darker, then you use either white or black. When matching brown, know that red, yellow, and blue make up that color. Matching primary colors can be as simple as adding white or black to get it right, but sometimes there's a subtle hint of of the other two primary colors in them. Say your trying to match a blue color but it has a subtle hint of green, then add a little yellow to it. If your matching a yellow color, but it has a hint of orange, add a little red, etc.
    Skin tones are really tough. There's a lot of subtle colors in them, but I believe most of the human skin tones are brown based.
    Anyway, that's been my experience, hope it helps.
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