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Thread: Origins Lords of Power Skeletor - future release?

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    Origins Lords of Power Skeletor - future release?

    Any hints towards the release of an Origins non-exclusive LOP Skeletor?

    This is the only Skeletor head sculpt in the Origins lineup I like so far.

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    I like the head sculpt as well, but I will be very surprised if they release a retail version. Same with Man-At-Arms - and with Man-At-Arms they had a great chance to do so with the Palace Guard and did a new head sculpt instead. With another Skeletor already leaked (200X Skeletor), at the very least, it will be quite a while before we get a LOP release.

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    It wouldn't be unreasonable as a Creations release like Tri-Klops was.

    I can't imagine a retail release if only b/c of their insistence of including He-Man and Skeletor in every wave so they're constantly on the shelves. There's a logic to that (constant supply of the most popular/relevant characters), but it does make it seem less likely you'll see a nearly-identical-yet-different-to-collectors product on the shelves.

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    I would be all for it. They should do one with a blue face, after the original Mark Taylor concept art.

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    With the stink that was made about He-Man's head I don't see them doing anything other that toy accurate heads for core figures. So yeah thanks for ruining that every one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lich Leech View Post
    I would be all for it. They should do one with a blue face, after the original Mark Taylor concept art.
    Count me in for this version as well. Give me the actual Origins, Mattel! They’ve actually been doing a better job of that as the line has evolved. Kudos to them.

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    I like the Rise of Evil Skeletor head best, but over time have come to appreciate the standard open mouth version as well. I like them both better than either of the Battle Armor Skeletor heads. But I would definitly like another, closer to 80's head.
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