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Thread: Origins: General News

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    Quote Originally Posted by timrollpickering2 View Post
    Worryingly this is going to give scalpers in other countries a new lease of life if they can offer the goods to here at a cheaper rate than Mattel.
    Maybe we are witnessing the end of the line... global distribution is still chaotic. Some countries get tons of certain figures, other countries get none. Big chains get three of four figures in a wave but never the fourth. Prices are going up, Mattelcreations decides to almost double their prices for the world while economy is going down hill fast with the rising cost of energy.

    Exciting times. I assume 9/10 would rather not buy another plastic figurine when the money is tight. Wer are in a bubble in this forum.

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    I think the Origins is still doing relatively well. I think the currency exchange issue with MC is unfortunate and a big mistake. I hope they change it back or they will lose a lot of sales.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Powersword123 View Post
    Found on clearance Ram-man, Mosquitor, and Clamp Champ for $6.59 each at Target today.
    Sweet! Good bargain!

    Vote with your wallet.

    Companies will stop predatory business practices when we stop rewarding it and scrabbling for the newest shiny like brain-damaged junkies.

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