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Thread: Skullkor in MOTUC

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    Skullkor in MOTUC

    I know Classics has come to a indefinite and unknown Hiatus, but thru the bios, mini comics, and other media, new and exciting characters have emerged and remerged, whether their "origins" came from original concept art, Brand New character development, or some other means. Although we don't know if characters like this will ever have a chance at being developed in this form and scale, Bringing them up this way is a chance to discuss these characters, ideas of developing them, and here they fit in the story line. If they make them, so be it, if they they don't, its fun to flesh out the character and a way to keep the character ( and Classics "alive", in some fashion)

    Another character that deserves a look was meant to be a new 200X evil warrior conceptualized for the series by the 4 Horsemen, but sadly never made it. His Art work did end up the the Dark Horse Book " The Art of Heman and the Masters of the Universe". As far as I know, he had no name up until this point.

    Later, thru the Masters Mondays bio's, the official Mattell sponsered continuation of the MOTUC Story, his character was finally fleshed, as skeletor contemporary of IMP, given the name Skullkor. Using arcane magic, Skeletor used the remain of the Unnamed One, collected by Triclops with with his own enchanted blood, that would help him spy on the Herioc masters and unlock the secrets of the universe.

    Kinda like a pack in character, would you like to see this character in Origins, Revelations or Classics?

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    I’m kinda skeptical of this idea. I suppose Skeletor doesn’t have a “mascot” character such as Orko, Imp, or Kowl. Maybe there’s a vacuum there to fill.
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