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Thread: H: M Legends,M Select,DC,BAFs,Mythic Legions; W: MOTU Origins, Mythic Legions, MOTUC

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    H: M Legends,M Select,DC,BAFs,Mythic Legions; W: MOTU Origins, Mythic Legions, MOTUC

    1. I'm in Canada but deal with traders in America regularly
    2. I have Paypal
    3. In most cases, I'd like to buy/sell/trade at least 2-3 items at a time.


    TPB, HC, and CGC comics for sale here:

    Mythic Legions - will only trade for either other Legions, high-valued MOTUC, or other big ticket wants listed at bottom of post.

    Marvel Stuff

    BAF stuff - regular parts=$5, and Monkey Man parts=$8 each


    DC stuff

    CNC parts - I can disassemble the Killer Croc parts with hot water on request

    Lobster Johnson MOC


    $$ or

    MOTU Origins
    Wave 6: Green Goddess, Stinkor, Webstor,
    Mosquitor, Palace Guards

    MOTU Classics
    click Spoiler for whole list

    Matty Collector-era Wants
    [pre]Tri-klops Mantenna
    Whiplash, Kobra Khan
    Ram Man, Stinkor
    Snout Spout, Buzz-Off
    BA He-Man, Flying Fists He-Man
    Fisto, Terror Claws Skeletor
    Scorpia, Leech
    Mosquitor, Horde Troopers
    King Randor (vintage)[/pre]

    Matty, Lesser Wants
    Oo-Larr, Rokken & Stonedar
    Wun-dar, General Sundar,
    Dragstor, Vultak
    BA Skeletor, Thunder Punch He-Man
    Gygor, Vikor
    Wind Raider, Jet Sled
    Rotar vs Twistoid, Roton with Skelcon

    Super7-era Wants
    [pre]Shadow Weaver, Mantenna
    Fisto, Dylamug
    Tung Lashor, Granita
    Stratos Prince Adam[/pre]

    Super7 Lesser Wants
    [pre]Fangor, Modulok
    Grizzlor, Roboto
    Chopper, Spikor[/pre]

    -MS comic Taskmaster (Disney)
    -MS Titanium Man
    -ML Ulik and Hela (SDCC)

    BAF-CNC parts
    -Killer Croc - both legs, left arm
    -Imperiex - torso, head/crotch, right arm

    McFarlane Warhammer 40k
    -Necron warrior (loose and complete is fine)

    Storm Collectibles - Golden Axe
    -Skeleton 2-pack

    Fight for Glory
    -Devilfish & Hyaena

    4H Mythic Legions
    -Ilgarr (1.5 Series)
    -Delphina, Shadow Elf, Vampire legion builder (Advent of Decay)
    -Raygorr & Halmyr Goldentooth (Coliseum)
    -Shadow Elf Ranger (Soulspiller)
    -Torgun Redfin (Wasteland)
    -Hadriana, Red Shield Soldier, Malephar (Arethyr)

    Justice League Animated Timm-verse
    Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman

    -TF2 Scout, Medic, & Sniper
    -Aliens Burke (Hadley's Hope 2-pack)

    Thanks for looking
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