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Thread: yu-gi-oh cards wanted

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    yu-gi-oh cards wanted

    zoodiac thoroughblade
    the dark magicians
    ritual weapon(x3)
    fusion weapon(x3)
    luminus spark(x3)
    freya:spiret of victory
    fairy tail snow
    dragonmaid lonpar
    elemental grace doriado
    zoodiac chakanine
    maiden of the aqua
    fortune lady every
    cyber angel izana
    ghostrick angel of mischief
    helios duo megistus
    helios trice megistus
    aegis of gaia
    traptrix rafflesia
    ash blossum and joyous spring(duel power version)
    valkerie brunhilde
    valkerie dritte
    valkerie funfye
    valkerie erda
    lunalight wolf
    lunalight black sheep
    lunalight saber dancer
    cyclamen the rikka fairy
    erica the rikka fairy
    hellebore the rikka fairy
    mudan the rikka fairy
    primula the rikka fairy
    snowdrop the rikka fairy
    kanzashi the rikka queen
    rikka queen strenna
    teardrop the rikka queen
    rikka petal
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