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Thread: Zoar's wings need rehab

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    Zoar's wings need rehab

    Hey all!

    Just got a vintage Zoar and one wing is stiff and poses great, while the other one is super floppy and just hangs down.

    First of all, WTF?

    Secondly, anybody have any tips for rehabbing this bird so he looks sharp on display? Some kind of support for the floppy wing or.... heck, anything? I dunno. A quick google image search shows a lot of these birds have some wild wing action going on. Guessing some of y'all must have the same problem?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I may not have a vintage Zoar in the past but this means that the figure might have been flawed before being packaged. 2 of my vintage figures, now gone, had their personal problems:
    1) Man-at-Arms' right hand couldn't grip his mace; the weapon had to tied with a rubber band
    2) Battle Armour He-Man's unrepairable breastplate; when I strike its undamaged part with He-Man's sword it does not dent while the already dented ones, when struck, won't even mend themselves. Quite disappointing!
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    So I guess I fixed my own problem?

    I noticed there's a notch on each side of Zoar's tail between the hard plastic body and the soft wing material. I was able to run an unfolded paper clip (large) between the body and wing and through those notches. One side of the clip is hugging the body for support, while the other side of the clip extends out underneath the wing and holds it up. it's actually not very noticeable unless you're looking directly at Zoar's underside and it works well!

    So I guess if you buy an old Zoar and it's going floppy on you, there you go! = D

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