It's a disaster piece rightfully axed after one season, but what would a second season have looked like?

Had a second season been made, we would have seen the introduction of April O'Neil, Casey Jones, and even elements and characters from the 80s cartoon such as Krang. Imagine Krang on a Saban era budget?

Obviously I can't do much in the way of reviving the show just to experience the inventible online vitriol that would ensue if it were to come out, but I can damn sure try to bring that aborted vision to life through the creative world of fanediting.

Episode One is a straight forward adaptation of the Power Rangers/Next Mutation team-up "Shell Shocked", I've replaced the opening title theme with the much cooler and kick-ass end credit theme.

Episode Two is a bit more experimental. Obviously with no further footage I had to scour Youtube for exploitable Fanfilm content, the result isn't perfect, and some of it is a lot edgier than what the otherwise kid-friendly Next Mutation provided, but I find it hits the spot. Due to how short these fanfilms are, I had to structure the edit like a copy of an old VHS tape, with adverts for other Saban products and even the Next Mutation music video with the original (and inferior) theme song. As for how I deal with Venus in this episode...sometimes it pays to be a fan of Itchy and Scratchy is all I'll say