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Thread: Several loose MOTUC for sale - Tri-Klops, Stratos, Moss Man

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    Several loose MOTUC for sale - Tri-Klops, Stratos, Moss Man

    I have several MOTUC figures for sale. All loose. Complete unless otherwise noted. Refer to pics.

    Shipping is $5 for the 1st figure, additional $3 for 2nd figure, add $1 for each additional figure after that. I only ship within the continental United States.

    Tri-Klops $140 - hips are a little loose, has Wun-Dar's boots
    Squeeze $50 SOLD
    Snake Face $60 SOLD

    Snake Man at Arms $65 SOLD
    Stratos $40 SOLD
    Moss Man $45 SOLD

    Grizzlor $55 SOLD
    Buzz Saw Hordak $40 SOLD
    Leech $55 SOLD

    Filmation Evil Seed $30 SOLD
    Lord Masque $35 SOLD

    Queen Marlena $65 - ankles are a little loose, missing Cringer

    Strobo $40 SOLD
    Eldor $30
    Bow $30

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