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Thread: Anyone have complete collections of MOTUC AND Origins?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikethedrummer View Post
    Yes a few weeks after the video was posted.
    Ahh ok because thatís the one fig I have an extra of
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    Quote Originally Posted by He-bro View Post
    I have all the MOTUC except the Crome (vac-metal) She-ra and I had to get a custom clear blue spirit of King Grayskull. (I do have the glow in the dark version, Bronze, regular, and red cape ones)

    Sometime I'll make a video of them all.

    I have every origin that I could get, some of the newer ones I have not found yet.
    Minus the custom Grayskull, this is ditto for me.

    Additionally, I have an entire set of MOTUC still in their mailers as well...
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    So this got me looking at my list.

    I only collect MOTU that is in some form of figure format with the exception of HotWheels and Matchbox cars

    Whats missing?

    Line Complete

    Vintage No
    Vintage Stamps No
    Vintage Erasers No
    New Adventures No
    Classics Mattel No
    Classics Super7 Yes
    Club Grayskull Mattel Yes
    Club Grayskull Super7 Yes
    Super7 Neo Vintage No
    Super7 Ultimates Yes
    Super7 Reaction Carded Yes
    Super7 Reaction Blind Box Yes
    Super7 NetFlix Yes
    Super7 Sufobu Donít Collect
    Super7 Muscle No
    Super7 Giants Donít Collect
    Mattel Giants Donít Collect
    200x No
    200x Busts No
    200x Micro Busts Yes
    200x Mini statues Yes
    200x MacDonalds Yes
    200x Stactions No
    Kubros Yes
    Paper Craft Yes
    Fisher Price (Little People & Imaginext) No
    Worlds Smallest (Micro) Yes
    Funko Key Chain No
    Funko Dorbz Yes
    Funko Pint Size Yes
    Funko Candy No
    Funko Town No
    Funko Vinyl Yes
    Funko Pop No
    Funko 10" No
    Funko Soda No
    Funko Ridz No
    Funko Pocket Pop No
    PEZ No
    MOTU Minis No
    Boxos Yes
    Hot Wheels Yes
    Matchbox Yes
    Wobble Head Yes
    Monogram magnets Yes
    Monogram bag clips No
    Dollar Tree Micro Yes
    Flextreme No
    Loyal Subjects No
    Vintage Commemarative No
    Gumball mini figs No
    Revelations Yes
    Origins Yes
    Mega Contrux No
    CGI NetFlix No
    Nerdroids No
    Hallmark No
    She Ra NetFlix Dolls Donít Collect
    PCS Donít Collect
    Tweeterhead Donít Collect
    Mondo Donít Collect
    Sideshow Donít Collect
    Vintage She Ra No
    Altaya (French)
    Fields of Eternia DOnt Collect

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    Damn walker, quite the list.

    I sold my vintage in the late 80ís to buy turtles. I never collected much of the 200x series because I couldnít find the damn things, I was so frustrated I gave up.

    I jumped in to classics half way into 2009 and have ever figure/beast/vehicle/set/playset ever released including super7, save the bronze grayskull. I have 95 percent of my classics collection still in package for no other reason than I have no space.

    I collected the super 7 vintage filmation figures and have them all.

    I have all the hot wheels releases.

    I have the micro figures and the dollar tree mini figures.

    I have every mini figure from mattel and Iím up to date on the new releases.

    I have every origins release except for the first set with the blue vest Adam and Iím not paying that price. Getting origins cured my need for the originals.

    I have every masterverse figure to date.

    I have every CGI figure to date.
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