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Thread: Etymology of Pelleezeean?

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    Etymology of Pelleezeean?

    I've been doing some thinking recently on the names of various species/races across the MOTU canons, particularly MYP--it seems to me they were pulling largely from Latin and Greek.
    The Qadians of Felis Qadi (felis cati), the Andreenids of ἀνδρήνη (or Andrena), Speleans (spelian) for the cave-dwelling bat people, the Caligars living in darkness... my big question is where the heck did they pull the name Pelleezea from? It doesn't seem to be one of the more random names, but I'm at a loss for how it would relate to skunks. It could be completely unrelated, since Stinkor is an outlier. My working theory is that it's derived from the Latin pellis, or pellicia, but those relate to pelts and skins. It's a weak connection at best. Maybe the Pelleezeeans were the exception? Caligar from caligo is pretty weak too, but that makes sense in its own way--velar plosives being what they are, you'd need your voice actors to really enunciate to make it distinguishable from "calico".

    I just don't feel confident about it. Anyone have thoughts on the matter? Or know if the MYP crew ever spoke about it? I haven't been able to find anything.

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    You are on the right track.
    The writers at MYP came up with many latinate words for the series.

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    Awesome!! Do you know which book that's from? I would love to check it out!

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    On the Stinkor thing...

    His name is Stinkor. Why did they give him a second name (Odiphus) ? I mean, is he Stinkor or is he Odiphus? How can he be both. If he's Odiphus then why didn't they just call him that from the start in the 1980s. What would "Stinkor" have to do with anything. I know the same goes for many other characters like Trap Jaw and Tri Klops, etc. It's like Babe Ruth was really Norman Silvers lol.

    I never understood the whole idea of having two names for one character. It's like Prince Adam is also Prince Rodney!! Which is he, Adam or Rodney!??

    Anyways haha. Just having fun. Where did all that start though? Was Star Wars or some other sci-fi movie doing this sort of thing first?
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