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Thread: Man-at-Arms Foot Numbering

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    Man-at-Arms Foot Numbering

    Hey guys, after reading some of the latest post about the batch numbers and different hypothesis I started going through my small but growing collection to see what I have and what things I might be missing.

    While I was looking at some variations of Man-at-Arms i noticed some numbers stamped into his foot on the bottom. This was a Taiwan figure. I then pulled out 2 others from Taiwan I have an noticed the same thing but they are not on the foot of the Hong Kong version I have. . I haven't noticed this on any other figure(to be honest I have closely inspected others yet). Does anyone know where these may come from?

    After this I started noticing all kinds of weird things that may already be logged, I just haven't found them yet.
    • Arms with batch numbers inside the sockets
      Mekaneck batch numbers on the outside of the boot
      Some Trap Jaw with sku number out the outer side of the robot arm and some without.
      Rio Blast Sku numbers in 3 different places on the visor piece.
      Man-at-arms batch numbers that appear to be an A?

    Anyway, always something new and fun to learn about these figures it seams.

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    I am not quite sure about the said figure's actual place of origin, Gn0rmal.
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