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Thread: Looking for some commemorative items

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    Looking for some commemorative items

    I'm looking to replace three of my MOC commemorative figures that have yellow bubbles, which are, in the order of importance,

    Trap Jaw

    I can't afford e-bay prices, but I'm not asking for a hand out either, just a fair price.

    I also have an interest in a duplicate of a few figures. These are bit less important (they are for opening), so I would take them loose, but I do want the mini-comic and card back, especially the mini-comic for those that apply.

    Panthor (I know this one's a stretch, but I really want a Panthor with pristene flocking, and an open commemorative is the cheapest way I know of to get it)
    Moss Man (another stretch, I know)
    Prince Adam (another stretch, I know)
    Faker (probably another stretch)
    Clawful with Buzz-Off legs
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