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Thread: Looking for a MOC 200X Collection

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    Looking for a MOC 200X Collection

    Just figured I would post on here, I am looking for a 200x MOC collection.
    Was wondering if anyone on here has a bunch that they are looking to part with?

    I am open as far as pricing goes, just want the cards to be in near-mint condition.

    Looking for mostly main characters, the He-Man and Skeletor variants are not as much
    of a priority for me.

    Also, in case anyone has any of the "big-boy grails" from the line:

    - Chase He-Man
    - Chase Skeletor
    - Zodak (Red Card)
    - Chase Battle Fist

    Any help tracking these down would be great, just PM me!

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    I have 4 carded figures left

    Cross He-man
    Snake Hunter He-man

    If you are interested shoot me an offer.

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