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Thread: Official Australian Collectors Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by JJJ View Post
    I wish I could grab just one, but I fully expect to be locked out at 0201 Saturday morning by scalper-bots.

    - - - Updated - - -

    For anyone who could not obtain 200x He-Man or Skelly when Big W had them in (ever so briefly), All-Star Comics in Melbourne has some (but regrettably not the rest of the wave).

    They are considerably cheaper on eBay at the moment then the 40$ before shipping all star comics is asking for them.

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    Did anyone get a second Camo Khan?

    I'm primarily after a flared head but happy to buy the whole figure if you don't want to split it.
    Calling all fellow Aussies to post in the Australian Collectors Thread

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    Toyworld just got in wave 10, for $25 each. Bought Randor, Digitino, Trap Jaw & Rattlor this morning. Postage was $15.

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