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Thread: Potential army builders

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    Potential army builders

    Reports of deep discounted pegwarming Origins Ram Mans got me thinking - are there more potential army builders in the current Motu lines? What figures could be repurposed as multiples (availability aside)? Here's what I can think of so far:

    Horde Trooper - obviously

    Eternian Palace Guard - ditto

    Ram Man - use the second head on the Origins figures and you could have a whole squad of armoured masked soldiers just like the Palace Guards.

    Mini comic Stratos - use as other Avionians. In fact this is sort of already there - the artwork on the grey version's card shows him leading a few other Avionians who have the mini comic colour scheme.

    Mosquitor - the second head is meant to invoke his Star Comics appearance but could it be more from his people?

    Snout Spout - I've not yet seen the figure in person but could his second head allow for a rank and file fire fighter?

    Zodac - In the Filmation cartoon he made Zanthor a Cosmic Enforcer with the same uniform. Given the mystery around Zodac in general and the powers of some versions is it a stretch to have all the Cosmic Enforcers looking identical?

    Any other workable ones?

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    We army build with Buzz-Off. Change out the arms and legs (but keep the feet and hands), lose the helmet, and you have a whole army of andrenids.

    We have a squad of 5 Scareglows to use as generic skeleton warriors as well.

    We also army build with Mini Comic Stratos and Faker.

    We are starting an army using Anti-Eternia He-Man's body with many different heads (We just treat his "skin" like Man-At-Arms green suit).
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    I have swapped out Faker's harness with WWEternia's Stone Cold's to make Gar warriors. I would also paint my extra He-Man heads and plop them on BA Skeletor bodies for more of the same.

    I also swapped out the harness for Webstor with the Classics one to make a proper Webstor and use my extras as his brood from 200x

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    You could use World Tiniest Toys Skeletors to recreate Here, There, Skeletors Everywhere.

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    I have two Fakers, two yellow "Faker-Lyns" two Faker John Cenas and two Stone Cold Steve Austins lead by "Faker 2.5" a customized AE He-Man.

    Also two "naked" Beast-Men and Mermen with their LoP counterparts in command.

    I have three "plucked" Stratos figures with painted beards and two Buzz-Offs sans helmet.

    Three Kronis figures fallowing a custom Kronis I call "Jam-Or".

    And of coerce six Horde Troopers and three royal guards and a partridge in a pear tree.

    As for future troop builders, Kobra Kahn, and Rattlor could work to beef up our Snakemen ranks. Snout Spout with Royal Guard heads could work as "normal" firefighters. Mini Comic Trap-Jaw could work as a "Faker" and be use in the same way that I uses other recolors.
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