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Thread: Props for smaller World's Smallest He-Man

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    Props for smaller World's Smallest He-Man

    I got the smaller, non-poseable World's Smallest He-Man at 5Below over Christmas; the one that came in blind packs with other little toys. He's a neat enough little piece for just standing around but I decided he needed some set pieces to make him worth having. So I found some models and printed them out and painted them up. I'll be redoing the cats in resin to make them a bit cleaner and I may be adding other figures to the lineup, too, not sure yet.

    Castle Greyskull, fresh off the printer:

    Painted up:

    Back of castle:

    Left side of castle (you can tell it's a bit undersized for him in this picture):

    Right side of castle:

    With Battle Cat and Panthor:

    4" GI Joe Beach-Head for scale:

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    That's a pretty cool idea! You are right - the line needs a little something extra.

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