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Thread: WTT for my production error Kol-Darr

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    WTT for my production error Kol-Darr

    My Kol-Darr arrived today with a production error in the logo. The glossy finish that is supposed to cover the logo was applied way far down. The top of the glossy version of the logo barely overlaps the bottom of the color printed logo. It's the entire logo, only glossy and dropped way down, and it's centered and straight.

    I would like to trade my Kol-Darr for another Kol-Darr plus a thing or twelve from my want list. If you are interested let me know what you would like to trade and I will consider it. I can't share pics here because my profile is at the limit, but I can do my best to capture it in a pic and send it to your e-mail if you want to see it first. Just send me a pm with your email address.

    Here's my want list -

    UPDATE: Fyi, the more I think about it, the more I might want to keep him. Not trying to manipulate interest, just being honest. I'm about 95% sure I'll be keeping him, but if your offer is tempting enough, I might be swayed. Can't promise anything though. I don't know why, but the idea of having a production error that was shipped right to my door appeals to me greatly. He's one of 3 errors I've come across, and I wasn't looking for errors. One was Classics King Hssss with Preternia He-man cardback sent direct from Mattel when the figure was released (which I sold) and the other is my vintage "clean shaven" (unpainted mustache) Rio-Blast which was also unbeknownst to me or the guy I bought him from. I kind of kick myself for selling the King Hssss, so I figure, now's my chance to have one that is of a figure that I'm quite fond of (I really like Kol-Darr and the story of his episode). Again, if you want him, it'll have to be a pretty sweet deal, and honestly, even then I doubt I'll get rid of him. Time will tell I guess.
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