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Thread: Rank your top 7 Origins and worse 3 Origins action figures

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    Rank your top 7 Origins and worse 3 Origins action figures

    I'm bored so I was curious to find out which Origins figures are your fave and worse from Waves 1-9 and all exclusives?
    Please only list 10 figures: Your top 7 and then your 3 most disappointing figures.

    Here's mine:

    1. Keldor
    2. Faker (Leo exclusive)
    3. Mantenna
    4. Eternian Guard
    5. Wundar
    6. Grizzlor (Dark variant)
    7. Merman LOP

    1. Tri-Klops (Mini-comic)
    2. Stratos (Mini-comic)
    3. Kronos (Rise of Evil)

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    Fave of ones I own:

    1. Battle Armor He-Man (Battlefield Warriors ver)
    2. Mosquitor
    3. Ninjor
    4. Clawful
    5. Buzz-Off
    6. Snout Spout
    7. Merman (LoP)

    Mantenna will def be added to that list once I get one!

    Worse including ones I don't own

    1. Stratos (Mini-comic)
    2. Tri-Klops (Mini-comic)
    3. Kronis (Rise of Evil)
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    7 best:
    LoP Mer-Man #1
    Trap Jaw
    Buzz Off
    Snout Spout

    3 worst
    She-Ra #1
    King Hiss preemptively. I can already tell I'll hate and skip him like I usually do

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    Snout Spout
    Battle Armor Skeletor: best action feature and he comes with Greek tragedy and comedy faces.
    Flying Fists He-Man: most chrome, good heads
    LoP Mer-Man
    Buzz Saw Hordak, Mosquitor or Mantenna for the Horde
    Buzz-Off with his cute face or Roboto with his gimmicks to round out the Heroic Warriors

    Mini-comic Stratos
    Kronis (worst I actually own)

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    Not in any particular order.

    Lords of Power Beast Man (the Orange one from the Power Con set)
    Keldor with Alcala Skeletor Head
    Pig Head
    Man-E-Faces (although obviously the monster face could've done with a better paint job)
    The Goddess

    Stinkor - I have one that smells and one that doesn't. Should be consistently stinky.
    Fisto - That missing sideburn is slowly driving me nuts.
    Battle Cat/Panthor - Ankle articulation would've kept them off this list.

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    So far my top 7 are:

    Lords Of Power Man-At-Arms
    Faker (Power-Con Exclusive that came with Dupli-Cat)
    Red & Black Horde Troopers (Power-Con Exclusives)

    Bottom 3:
    Beast Man

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    Binki's Top/Worst 10

    Best 7 'n' worst 3, huh?
    I'll admit, this list was kinda hard to put together as the modularity of Origins allows me to fix my few grouses in MotU's designs, allowing me to grab figures I would have originally never bought because I didn't like how they originally looked (like Stinkor)

    7. Faker - I like blue and orange plus it's a more interesting version of He-Man and coupled with the purple makes for a garish yet interesting color combination. I would have never liked him as a figure until Origins redid him in bright neon colors.

    6. Eternian Guard / Man-At-Arms - I like the sword and sorcery meets sci-fi pulp novel armor design; I wish their breastplates weren't backless, but that's fine.

    5. 200X He-Man - Heroic Barbarian archetype with some techno-sword and sorcery thrown into his design.

    4. Roboto - I like robots and constructs and a heroic one with all the clicky bits tickles me for some odd reason

    3. She-Ra - I call her C**nk-Ra because I find it funny how Asian Origins She-Ra looks. She's a pretty dolly, but her terrible stitching on the skirt and cloak and dinkiness of her sword drags down an otherwise gorgeous figure. I also had the vintage She-Ra as a child and was heartbroken when I lost her, so I guess that gives this figure some sentimental value as the original was technically my favourite MotU toy.

    2. Ninjor - I was never a fan of the cloth goods on the original, but the sculpted hood and supervillain getup appeals to me. Soon as I found one in TRU here I grabbed him without even having to think about it, budget be damned. I also find his black bodysuit design extremely useful for custom villains.

    1. Fisto and Jitsu - It's a tie for this spot; I don't know why, but the giant metal gauntlet / prosthetic looks smashy and badarse to me, so Fisto has always looked neat in my eyes. Jitsu looks like a badarse Mongol barbarian and coupled with his pimpin' armor and golden backhand, I've always rather liked these two ham-handed nemeses.

    Worst 3...

    3. Grey Stratos - An unusual choice, I know, but I've always found him a bit bland, plus I don't like monkeys (I live in the tropics and they're a right pain; they're like a dumb animal with all the arrogance of a human being.). I actually like fleshy Stratos though; not a figure I would buy at full price but I was happy to get mine for about $10 as I found the fleshy fur body disturbing and interesting.

    2. Sun Man - He feels weirdly out of place with his more superhero-style aesthetic and child-like face, which looks softer than the original.

    1. Kronos - one of the worst face sculpts I have ever seen and clearly an afterthought on Mattel's part. He's like Trapjaw without all the fun bits.

    Were I to include Wave 10, I'd put Space Sumo as my worst 3rd.

    Space Sumo - I know they wanted heroic Asian representation and all, but frankly ol' Bob has got to be the most dull designs I have ever seen; I look at him and all I see is an S&M enthusiast, and not even in a fun way. He's just... Bland; frankly, I'd rather my race be represented by an interesting looking villain like Jitsu or Ninjor than a dull heroic design.
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    1 - Orko: I still think this is the best looking figure in the entire line so far.
    2 - Mr. T: Love this figure so much, I only wish I had gotten a couple more to have both on the crossover shelf and MOTU shelf.
    3 - Sgt. Slaughter: Actually tied for #2. Finally Sgt. Slaughter is all big and bulky like he should always have been in toy form.
    4 - Snout Spout: Best deluxe in the line so far, really considering getting a second one to display him both ways.
    5 - Kol-Dar: Happy to finally have this character in toy form. Something new is always appreciated by me.
    6 - Pig-Head: A new main baddy is always fun to have, the colors really pop out on this figure.
    7 - Mantenna: Never thought we'd see the day of a 4 legged Mantenna at this scale.


    1 - 200x He-Man: An ugly looking and pointless variant for me.
    2 - 200x Skeletor: An ugly looking and pointless variant for me.
    3 - Battle Armor figures: Smaller chest area is overly disappointing on these figures. Same goes for Mosquitor. I understand the reason why they have smaller chests but it doesn't mean I have to like it.
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    Horde Trooper
    Blue Hordak
    Flying Fists He-Man

    Least Favorites:
    LoP Beast Man
    Eternian Goddess
    All Rulers of the Sun figures

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    Best: (no particular order)

    Hordak (with Buzz Saw Hordak head)
    Scare Glow


    LOP Beast Man

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    I like all the figures for different reasons, but for me the weakest are

    Stratos - needs a flight stand to work, really

    Kronis - as someone mentioned, missing everything that made TJ great

    Mer-Man - the facesculpt and the sword are both kinda weak, and the yellow armour and green skin needed to contrast better

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    In no particular order;


    Trap Jaw
    Eternian Guard
    Horde Trooper
    Scare Glow


    Eternian Goddess
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    My top 7:

    1) LOP Mer-Man (Power-Con)
    2) LOP Man-At-Arms (Power-Con)
    3) Leech
    4) LOP Beast Man (Power-Con)
    5) Mantenna
    6) Sorceress (Orange/blue)
    7) Keldor/Skeletor

    Worst 3:

    1) Kronis
    2) Stratos (either version)
    3) Space Sumo

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    Favorite 7:

    -Vintage Head He-Man
    -LoP Mer-Man / Mer-Man
    -Anti-Eternia He-Man

    Least Favorite:

    -Sun Man
    -BA He-Man
    -Nekked Stratos
    -200X He-Man
    -200X Skeletor
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    Wow. 15 posts now and 11 of them have Kronis as one of the worst lol. I don't have my collection with me right now but Kronis is by far my least favorite. Poor Kronis.

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    I'm not a fan of Origins overall, but I do enjoy the odd figure here and there.

    This is a good idea for a thread.

    I don't own but maybe 12-15 Origin figures. So let's see.

    Top 7

    1. Leech - My favorite fictional character along with Skeletor. Mattel went all out with him for Origins. Great figure.

    2. Orko - Possibly the best Orko figure ever. It rivals the Classics version.

    3. Webstor - The blue is very vibrant and a solid headsculpt. Origins Webstor is legit.

    4. Mosquitor - I've never liked the character, never had the vintage figure, and the Classics Mosquitor was disappointing. I really like Origins Mosquitor though.

    5. LOP Merman - He's awesome.

    6. Sorceress - Nice figure of one of my favorite characters .

    7. BA Skeketor - Another nice figure.

    Bottom 3

    No Order:

    1. Ram Man - This figure sucks. The sculpting is soft and the headsculpt is weak. I hate the stationary legs too

    2. MAA - The headsculpt is awful.

    3. Kronis - Headsculpt looks bad.

    Also Beastman - His headsclupt sucks and the sculpting on his armor is soft and I hate the sock feet.

    My 200X Skeletor, Mantenna, and Snout Spout are not in hand yet.
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    Top 7

    7. Mer-Man. A fantastic recreation of one of my first Motu figures, he's got everything about the vintage toy and looks strong and imposing as the Ocean Warlord should.
    6. Clamp Champ. The vintage figure represented a back to basics approach and the Origins version captures that well, with great accessories that reflect subsequent developments.
    5. Eternian Palace Guard. A fantastic example of how easy it is to add a character with not too much new tooling and produce a splendid looking army builder that works well either solo or in a squad.
    4. Mosquitor. The pump and the head make for a seriously scary looking monster, with the energy draining effect the cherry on the cake.
    3. Terror Claws Skeletor. Easily the best of all the leader variants, this takes what could be a silly feature and turns it into a maniac with the right grin as he slashes out.
    2. Scare Glow. A menacing figure both by day and night, the glow in the dark makes him look fearsome at all times.
    1. Anti-Eternia He-Man. It's amazing how a simple change of colours can dramatically transform a figure. This is easily the best use of this tooling and captures the detached loner unstoppable forced of nature at his best.

    Bottom 3

    3. Man-E-Faces. His strange orange skin tone makes him feel like he belongs to another line and the dial to turn his faces keeps jamming, causing pain to my fingers.
    2. Early mini-comics Stratos. The regular Stratos figure is a dull and boring figure for an uninteresting character. He really didn't need a repaint at retail and this one doesn't even match his early mini-comics look (where he had a feathered neck piece instead of a harness & jetpack).
    1. Lords of Power Beast Man. An awful expression on his face, a poor colour combination and no accessories. This is another hybrid, applying one colour scheme to a mould intended for another and the result is just dire.

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    Of those I own:

    1) Tri-Klops
    2) Webstor
    3) OG He-Man
    4) Orko
    5) Ram Man

    TBF I love all the figures…

    1) Skeletor - they just can’t get the head sculpt right. I’d love a filmation head going forward.
    2) Man-E-Faces - Underwhelming sculpt and colours on one of my favourite characters.
    3) Roboto - arm attachments are a bit meh and missing chest pieces.
    4) Zodac - the head and neck don’t sit right and the red is very different across the figure.
    5) She-Ra - she’s neither the toy or the cartoon and so doesn’t quite hit the mark.
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    Best (in no particular order)
    1. Keldor
    2. Leech
    3. Mantenna
    4. Mosquitor
    5. Buzz Off
    6. Clawful
    7. Roboto

    Worse (in no particular order)
    1. Sun Man (I dont like the style)
    2. Mini comic Stratos
    3. Kronis

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    Quote Originally Posted by depp76 View Post
    Wow. 15 posts now and 11 of them have Kronis as one of the worst lol. I don't have my collection with me right now but Kronis is by far my least favorite. Poor Kronis.
    He missed out on my list by just one place. If only Man-E-Faces's dial worked better then Kronis would be there.

    The Classics Kronis (just alternate parts for Trap-Jaw rather than a separate release) doesn't have the best of faces but the mouth and eyes work together and don't produce such an absurd look. I've never read any of the origin stories for Trap-Jaw - did Skeletor just find him very irritating and ripped off the jaw to no longer have to look at it, making the Origins figure very accurate to the fiction, or was it for deeper reasons?

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    Quote Originally Posted by timrollpickering2 View Post
    I've never read any of the origin stories for Trap-Jaw - did Skeletor just find him very irritating and ripped off the jaw to no longer have to look at it, making the Origins figure very accurate to the fiction, or was it for deeper reasons?
    In the Icons of Evil comic, Kronis was banished from Snake Mountain after telling Skeletor he'd become irrational since losing his face. Later, he led an army of bandits back to Snake Mountain and fought Skeletor. Skeletor burned his face green and then blew his arm off. Kronis kept fighting until Skeletor destroyed his jaw.

    Skeletor was impressed that he kept fighting and ordered Tri-Klops to repair him.

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    Anyone know why classics keldor head was used but not classics kronos head ?

    my bottom 3

    1) The cats !!! i actually preferred vintage over this origin version. origin have all sorts of articulations but without the ankles joints they might as well be a static statue ... in that regards i like vintage more as it is at least in a more interesting static pose.

    2) Mini comic variants - stratos and triklops

    3) Adam and sled. Nothing really wrong with Adam but he should be packed separately from sled. The sled is an army builder. The sled should be release again with palace guards.

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    Top 7

    1. Wun-Dar - I've always loved this figure, and with the vintage head in place, this is an amazing update to a vintage toy I'll never own. Would have been even better with the weapons done in the right colour
    2. Minicomics Stratos - I know, I know - I wish he had the neck armour and the feet too. But as a massive fan of both Stratos and the mini comics, I'm just happy he exists. He's my default Stratos for Origins.
    3. Vintage Head He-man - perhaps I should have this higher, as the introduction of the vintage head brought Origins back into play for me. NOW this is a He-man line
    4. Leech - this is my beloved childhood Leech but with articulation and a wonderful Four Horseman inspired swappable head.
    5. Horde Trooper - Vintage design with new articulation: check. Action feature: check. Head position fixed: check. My favourite MOTU army builder single packed.
    6. Scareglow - great figure, well done with the glow in the dark and correct paint apps ... unlike the Masterverse version
    7. 200X He-man - great, sharp head sculpt and a wonderful vintpgisation of the 200X figures - love him.

    Honourable mention: LOP Mer-man - not my favourite character, but this is Mattel doing right by the fans. I far prefer this version of Mer-man over the cat face - and I love that Mattel produced such a great rendition of him as a separate figure

    Bottom 3

    There are lots of figures that don't appeal to me - but bottom 3 for me is about characters of significance, characters I care about that I think were misses (not just characters or variants that aren't of interest to me). Which leads me to ...
    1. Original He-man - the new head sculpt on this was so bad I bailed out of the line for a year
    2. Ram-Man - after seeing what was possible with Classics, this is just a huge step backward in my eye to an original toy design I never liked
    3. Evil-Lynn - nothing against the figure, but she's such an overstocked peg warmer here, we don't seem to get anything else

    Dishonourable mention: all the garbage soft head sculpts, particular the female figures. Give me the details of the later Classics figure heads please: sharp and full of grit and personality

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    Top seven:
    1. Scareglow
    2. Horde Trooper
    3. Battle Damage He-Man
    4. Keldor
    5. Webstor
    6. Leech
    7. Ram Man

    Bottom three:
    1. Kronis
    2. Royal Guard/Man-At-Arms (I love them visually, but the armor makes posing them a pain in the ass. Also, the shield won't stay on the royal guard's hand)
    3. Orlax and dungeon (not technically a figure, but it's a character and a massive letdown)

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    Top 7 is much more competitive than Bottom 3.

    Bottom 3 for me is:

    Kronis for the really bad headsculpt
    Mini-comic Stratos
    And maybe Mer-Man because it's so plain (LoP Mer-Man could be Top 7, though)

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