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    Faultmaster- Unfortunately, The MOTU Newspapers strips didn't really introduce us to too many "new" characters, a smattering of heroic and villian type characters, and a reimagining of some of the looks of character we already knew. One of the the New villians we were introduced to is the Faultmaster, a villian with earthquake like powers. Now his real name is DR. Mindran, a scientist from the Eternian geological society, that worked with the likes of Duncan and Melathka, but was ousted because of his fanatical views on tectonic theory, forcing the Eternian Science Commitee to kick him out. He took on the name FaultMaster ever since. He said his powers of creating earthquakes were magical, but from the looks of it, they were technology based. Here my take on it.

    Now heres where I took a deviation from the canon, and came up with my own theory. So, after losing his position in Eternos, he travelled to the far Southernlands, where he explored a previously undiscovered cave system. Their he found the artifact of immense power, lost to the ages, until know, the Tuning Fork of Argos! One of the Elders during the time of King Grayskull, he took his spirit form after the Kings demise, but right after the final battle with the Horde, he was the only elder to return to his homeland, and did not return to Grayskull with his primary weapon, instead return only with his sword, prompting some, that he had knowledge of what was coming next and wanted his next in kin to have his weapon for the future. Unfortunately, his clan was wiped out in the battle with rival clans during the age of sorrow and the whereabouts of its location were lost to time... till Dr. Mindrun found it. He found out a unique property of the tuning fork, If one were to have knowledge of tectonic line running through the area and plunged fork in the proper place they could set off devasting earthquakes, as well as creating High frequency waves to incapacitate enemies and destroy anything in its path. He mastered the weapon, occasionally teaming up with others, but preferring to work on his own.

    Recipe-PE Heman head( hood removed) with hair sculpted on by yours truely, Fearless Phototg buck, arms, Nepthu boots, human legs, and Blue Loin( not sure whos this is), argos fork deveolped by me in my shapeways shop, and cape from a fodder bin, made the sin wave sticker from a receipt from Shapeways. Interesting to focus on a character like this, was fun though and really cool to explore this forgotton media library, even if there is much to pluck out from.

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    Funny thing is no one (including myself) knew about this Faultmaster character until you made this figure, facet. If the Four Horsemen knew this they could've made Faultmaster exclusively for the current MOTU toyline.
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