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    Sting-Or- An unused concept concieved as a new evil warrior for the 200x series by the 4H, but never saw the light of day, till now. The only image we have of him was from the Art of Masters of the Universe dark horse book, in the 200x section of it. The Masters Mondays bio of Legendary Skeletor talks about him as a evil warrior brought from the past to bolster his evil warriors (along with others) after he ousted his own son from Snake Mountain. He is an Arachana-Scorpioni Hybrid and was part of the honor guard for Queen Tyrantula. Now from the only image we have from him, he doesnt look much like an Arachna, much more like a Scorpioni, so i tried to address that in the custom. Also as an honor guard, i wanted to add some accessories that give him that distinction, in regards to the Jistu belt and Dojo( Samurai Spawn series) helmet, but the Helmet isn't sitting, still don't have that quite down just yet. anyway he is a great addition to the evil warriors and would love to see him redone in something like Classics or masters verse. Onto the Recipe

    Sting-or- Doomed superman buck with arms, claws are from a WWE Mutant Sting, loin is from a 200x Stratos, legs from Slushead, feet shins are from Kobra Khan, Head is a custom sculpt from Ryan Lunt of a Predator head with something else i Used for Blubblor. Armor is Clawful's, then i used an Aliens Snake Alien, removed the head and attached the tail to where the back of the cape landed. Tail is fully bendable. Finally i used the cyber looking spider legs from another Spawn character and made some holes in the tail to anchor them and make him more Arachna like. Weapons are Scorpion clubs from a fodder lot.

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    Wow, he looks great. Good job!

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    Nice job! looks pretty clean

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